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  1. onixya

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    @Usa any update
  2. onixya

    Taking Premium Script Requests

    godwars script for bandos/sara/armadyl etc or KBD script
  3. onixya

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Im not sure i completely understand what you mean in ur last posts about the v3. Do i have to record myself doing agility then send u the file and then u will assign the courrse doing part to me? and do i have to buy the v2 script to use the v3?
  4. onixya

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    any plans to fix this bug soon
  5. acc is stuck at lumbridge stairs, refuses to bank, yes i reloaded 100x
  6. Hello i was banned on an acc a few years ago and now my strike says its "Expired" and also my ban meter is also clear. My question is if i get caught botting will i get 2 day banned or perm? thanks
  7. kind of a random question but has anyone done the math if serp helm is better to use over anti? thanks
  8. Why does my bot stop after it runs out of duel ring (1) when I clearly have fully charged rings in my bank?
  9. @Worthy script looks pretty good but i dont see this option in it when i tried working it Reorganizes inventory! Drags and drops items like a real player sometimes invo messes up and some armor ends up at middle of invo and other arrmor at the top so the switching gets kind of slow coz distance increases. Can you show me where the invo organising/preset option is. thanks
  10. onixya


    I emailed them with a gyazo GIF of my tribot setup showing i entered correct proxy details and how it isnt working. They claimed that its a problem on my end, not theirs since the client was loaded even tho it clearly shows that i loaded the client before activating the proxy. Seems like theyre trying to find excuses for the dead proxy
  11. onixya


    bought a dead proxy from proxyfish. It doesnt work and i sent 2 tickets to their support and no replies yet. Anyone know what steps should be taken now
  12. onixya

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    BUG REPORT Name of quest: cooks assistent Picture of entire screen (rs window and bot debug): https://gyazo.com/b111d40a9b73ad4bf677c3ff37ad7741 Detailed description of bug: as you can see i nthe gif, it gets stuck at that spot, until i manually click near the egg, only then it collects the egg