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  1. dannybazzer

    VIP and VIP-E Compensation

    I never got any of my days back it says I'm not a bio any more
  2. If you use looking glass... And osbuddy as client running for lg and you put an ip in tribot does that then change the up from osbuddy or would jagex see both ips? @TRiLeZ
  3. If wanted to run two accounts would I have to by to proxy a for different ip? Or can run of the one proxy
  4. @Encoded barberian village fishing does food also cook with the fire thats always on there?
  5. @Encoded I got banned lol thinking about getting looking glass? How do you set it not to get banned encoded
  6. @Encoded thank I'll try it out later it works with detect fishing spot but it's less realistic as it don't turn my screen it runs straight to them when can't see on screen so it's in human like but I'll take it off and see if it does spin the screen thanks again.
  7. @Encodedthere is like a 58 second wait to just drop fish with this on ? I've turned it back off as this was no help and am at barbarian otto fishing and it just stays at the middle patch of the fishing spots so the one further left and right the camera stays in the one position.
  8. @Encoded How do I do that will that fix it? And start moving the camera?
  9. @Encodedwhen fishin spit runs out why does the screen not move automatically and find other?