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  1. What Supplements Do You Take?

    I take mega mass its a protein powder
  2. How to make atleast 100$ a DAY

    You're basically purchasing an item in the name of GivingAssistant it gives them credit too, so they offer you the cashback
  3. How to make atleast 100$ a DAY

    Atleast I'm tutoring you guys through the whole thing
  4. Hey guys, today I'd like to share a method which you can exploit to earn atleast 100$ per day. First thing, you need a paypal account for this method or the payment can be mailed to you. I'm not if it works through the mail as i haven't tested it out but the Paypal sure does work. This can also get you some starting cash to get yourself some private bots so have fun. Step 1 - Use this link https://goo.gl/tTQAWi and register in their website to get a $5 sign up bonus. Step 2 - Once you've signed up click on the "My account" tab on the right corner scroll down until you see the payment methods which is Paypal and Mailed Check. Step 3 - Select either one ( I personally prefer paypal as it takes much lesser time and it's worked me too ) Step 4 - Once you've set up your payment preference now it's time to get working. Step 5 - The concept of this website is, you can only transfer the $5 to your paypal account only if you've made a cashback purchase. So what you need to do is search in the searchbox for "Gearbest". It would pop up a 3% cashback offer. Now click on it. Step 6 - Now click on the Shop now button ( Orange colored ) which is somewhat at the right side of the website. Step 7 - It will take you to the website, now here's what you need to do. Search for 30 Pin to 8 Pin Adapter Convert Connector. Step 8 - The point is the lower the price of the item is the more profit you make from it. The 8 pin adapter is about $0.90, in which you get the cashback of 3% of the purchase. Step 9 - Proceed to checkout and select aired mail or something like that ( I don't remember the exact name ). Step 10 - Once you've bought it you will get an email from Gearbest notifying you about the purchase and after an hour or so you will get en email from GivingAssistant that you've unlocked your cashback purchase. Step 11 - Now when you visit your GivingAssistant account you will know that your All Time Earning's and Current Earning's have changed to somewhere between $5.01 to $5.05. Step 12 - You are fully eligible to recieve your $5 payment to your paypal account. Every monday they transfer the money to your account. Things to know : 1 - You've made profit of around 4.10 dollars on the cashback purchase. 2 - The process is repeatable meaning that paypal accounts are not unique to one single account and the same paypal account can be used on every ID that you register with. 3 - Make sure you provide a valid email address for registration because that's where they send you the link notifyng you about the cashback activation. 4 - Get the most of the it, once it's patched then it's hard to find out another way And finally here are some proofs of my work : http://imgur.com/a/Krrid http://imgur.com/a/CoBlC === Thanks for following my guide i hope it helps you to start off with your first online income.
  5. @YoHoJo Ain't that much like botting 2 accounts on ur ip address and waiting to get chain banned
  6. made me alot man, thanks!
  7. @YoHoJo Lets say i bought 8 proxies does that mean i need to open up 8 clients to use proxies on each account?
  8. Two day ban...

    i just got perm banned on 2 accounts :/
  9. [ABCL 10] Mute's Wine Grabber

    @Mute I tried the script and it worked well for quite a while, but for some reason when i woke up and checked my player was idling at lumbridge why? I used breakhandlers too.
  10. Chrome no longer supports LG?

    Thanks @leoshiro really helped me out with LG , great player and tutor!
  11. Chocolate duster

    I think there is one Check the repository
  12. Chrome no longer supports LG?

    How do i use LG? i tried opening runescape through the browser but it says that chrome dosen't support java anymore and opens the game in a client, Also how do i run Tribot in 32bit. I use a 64bit system. Thanks!
  13. Toggle Run?