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  1. @YoHoJo Ain't that much like botting 2 accounts on ur ip address and waiting to get chain banned
  2. @YoHoJo Lets say i bought 8 proxies does that mean i need to open up 8 clients to use proxies on each account?
  3. Fibbz

    [ABCL 10] Mute's Wine Grabber

    @Mute I tried the script and it worked well for quite a while, but for some reason when i woke up and checked my player was idling at lumbridge why? I used breakhandlers too.
  4. Fibbz

    Chrome no longer supports LG?

    Thanks @leoshiro really helped me out with LG , great player and tutor!
  5. Fibbz

    Chocolate duster

    I think there is one Check the repository
  6. Fibbz

    Chrome no longer supports LG?

    How do i use LG? i tried opening runescape through the browser but it says that chrome dosen't support java anymore and opens the game in a client, Also how do i run Tribot in 32bit. I use a 64bit system. Thanks!
  7. Fibbz

    Toggle Run?

  8. Fibbz

    Toggle Run?

    Hey does the bots using web paths or anything for example ( Flax picker ) toggle run whenever it is turned off? or when the player is exhausted? or is there a client activation required to do it? sorry im new