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  1. Yeah I'm not blaming him, and I am using it, just kindof bummed because I wanted to make good money but now I'm not going to. It does run very nicely.
  2. Yeah can't see a reason to bot anymore, not paying 20 bucks for a single auth for one account to bot nats so I can train an account for 2 weeks just to get it started to make 200k an hour, and don't want to manage 10 damn accounts.
  3. Great prices are completely crashed, wasted my money because some idiot released the script elsewhere anyway turns out 20 hp won't work and neither will 1 defence unless you want to buy stupid amounts of food, not to mention these are 300 gp each now..
  4. I just decided doing it with any less than 70 is worthless anyway... havent even ran the bot yet just been botting agility lol
  5. Where do I download this..?
  6. Ok awesome but might want to update to like 9/10 bought cuz I just bought one. Please don't sell to over 10 people, this script is awesome and it will become useless if a bunch of people are using it.
  7. So if I buy an auth, can I have like 5 bots running this script or just 1 account at a time?
  8. this is 250k an hour now even with 70 agility if you look at the prices of scales..
  9. Great script, works really good but I wouldn't say it was super fast. The mouse moves quite slowly
  10. Looks great but would proboly be hard to sell cuz nobody buys sheilds in bulk lol but yeah if you got like 1k sheilds thats 3m, theyll proboly take a week to sell tho I doubt this has a banrate O.o
  11. Awesome I'm liking the updates, you have my support Please keep updating and this will be an amazing extremely useful script
  12. Ok nevermind my last comment, but this banks my nails when it banks so I can't really train.
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