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  1. Could anyone give me link to the guide how to use this bot please ? What should be default setting? May i ask you why bot is not collecting offers after they are done? It's pretty annoying bcuz it's blocking slots in the market. And why the prices are so inaccurate ? I am using popular items. I was using this bot for like 5h so far and no ban yet tho
  2. What does it mean inactive... For example I've just bought astral runes for 184 gp when the avg was 184 and quickbuy was 184, good flip tho. I don't know how to check if it's active or inactive. Buttons in bot (tutorial one) aren't redirecting me to any page, nonthing happens. I will pay for some tips what kind of items in general i should flip and what settings should i use. I press AI everywhere. How can I explain... 8-9 on 10 items are not buying at all.( those are popular items, with high volumes in sell overall and quick selling/buying on GE in general, the price is quite stable) He is trying to change the price but still it doesn't change anything. Can't it just check the margin once and then flip...? Kind of waste of money atm for this script. I was expecting much more.
  3. Guys why tha fuq this bot almost always provides unaccurate prices? I've tried with like 30+ items already and I'm really not satisfied. It's choosing item prices based on ? Outdated osbuddy from yesterday? I make like 200k/h from 50m stack and still I have to help this bot to set margins, so basicly I have to sell it manually....
  4. Hello everyone, It is my first day on tribot, I've bought VIP extended but i don't know how to add 5 proxies, and where to find them. Thanks in advance for your help.