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  1. xFakeid

    Account cleaned

    That's a good one. Well, nothing to do. "Whatever happens, happens." On to the next one
  2. xFakeid

    Account cleaned

    Virmach. Also ran a scan, but couldn't find anything.
  3. xFakeid

    Account cleaned

    Strangely enough I had the same problem. 19 of my 20 flax spinners were cleaned this night, and the only program on my pc is Tribot. Only other tools on my VPS are the Account adder.jar, and Proxy adder.jar. Something is going on.
  4. One of my most favourite scripts! If you're still updating; The script sometimes is stuck on the spinning interface.
  5. Script is filled with bugs. Cooks assistant: After getting supplies, bot talks to chef to complete the quest. However, it misclicks, and gathers all the supplies again. Restless ghost: Keeps talking with ghost after getting amulet of ghost speak. Does not finish conversation, but in the middle start it again. Also at the wizards tower, has problems when the door is closed, and can not enter the tower. Romeo and Juliet, when bot has the letter, it keeps walking to Romeo, then back to the fountain, then to Romeo etc. Also here doesn't finish the conversation. Also, a lot of bugs in the house, since it is not always open the door. Oh yeah, and when he talks with father Lawrence, also a lot of bugs. Keeps restarting the conversation in the middle. Edit: Romeo and Juliet is totally bugged. Not even worth running, or mentioning every single of those bugs here.
  6. My bad. I meant moderators instead. Still ridiculous.
  7. Ah don't worry guys. You can still buy credits from the admins here for 1.5x the normal price! A nice compensation for a non-working system on their behalf right?
  8. Thanks Butta for spoonfeeding me
  9. Hi there, I was wondering if there is somewhere a file in the Tribot folder where I can copy&paste all my proxies and accounts in the proxy/account manager. Since I run a lot of bots, and have to replace them every few days, this takes quite some time. Is is possible to copy&paste an entire list in Tribot? Or should it all be done by hand? I searched in the folder, but could not really find anything. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thx!
  10. 21 actually. Leaving me 1-2 days to profit. Since I'm mass-running my accounts the total outcome is satisfying enough for me. Ofcourse you're right, it takes a while to re-earn the bond. That's also why I'm in the process of starting up new methods right now. For the rest, please stick to the topic.
  11. Believe it or not... Spinning flax Idk about my method. Only thing I do is using a fresh proxy for each account, leveling them, avoiding 6 hour auto-log, and giving my poor slaves some warm clothes.
  12. Hello, I was wondering what your average life-expectancy is of the 24/7 bots you run? When running the bots for 5:50 hours, 10 mins break, and repeat (to break the suspicious 6 hour auto-logout) I am gettings results of an average of 3 days. What are your break settings, and averages? Tyvm! Edit: I don't use LG.
  13. I am looking for Bot-ready accounts for crafting air orbs. Requirements: 66 magic and some def/hp in order to walk past agro's. I can pay with Paypal, Bitcoin or RSGP, and need around 10-15 accounts a week. Tell me if you're interested.
  14. Never used a proxy or something when buying credits. In the past I could buy them with my credit card. Now my credit card has been marked as "fraudulent". So I startedpaying with Bitcoins. Now the Bitcoin system isn't working, since I dont get a "payment page" when I select Bitcoin. So.. Paypal! Yeah, verified my account as well. Tried it, and even before I made my first purchase, guess what? "fraudulent" . Great system! Love how a flaw in your system makes me obligated to buy it from a third party, and pay extra fees .
  15. Does the method to give each tab a proxy using "open advanced client" work, or is it better to work with multiple clients running? I also heard that in some occasions you use less CPU when using multiple clients instead of multiple tabs. PS. Does Jagex flag your IP permanently?
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