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  1. add my discord DankRNG#0169
  2. this may be off-topic Godspower, but If tribot uses less cpu when minimized then why does task manager show cpu usage as much more when minimized? for example 7 clients minimized running scripts is 70% cpu usage, but if i open each client up its showing only 50% cpu usage. )
  3. was getting shit gp/hr for a couple nights and found the bot had switched all my attack styles to accurate instead of rapid RIP
  4. finally hit 99 range from 75 on my first account i used the script on about 2 1/2 months ago. Cheers
  5. Not using stamina potions half the time, also switching off mobs to fight others before its killed (watched this happen on a pyrefiend, it went to the pyrefiend across the cave). Currently not able to get more than 500k/hr on any of my 5 accounts i run. Yes i am in dev mode, yes i use 1 tab per client.
  6. they said prayers were fixed on saturdays client update so why do we still not have prayers
  7. script is having issues with prices, some items are only registering as 1-1000gp even though they may be rune ore ect, cause the bots to stay there for a very long time resulting in llots of deaths https://gyazo.com/be8c824322d797b1c5c62aa8e9c928dd
  8. can confirm the bug where the bot gets stuck outside the cave idle timeout is caused by taking damage from dragons when you have it set to 1 food. Have watched it happen 3 times now. I upped my food to 3 and it has no longer happened in over a day.
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