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  1. Also just teleports out after going to the obelisk for me as well
  2. Ahhh ye i found it now just gotta do medium diary. Any way you could enable stamina potion forNorth Varrock fairy ring? have to wait for run energy every run
  3. i dont think you can change it to there but they actually are cheaper than the tabs. you get 5 charges each ring and you resell the uncharged ring for only 1.5-2k less than u bought it for. So that is around 300-400gp per tele, https://gyazo.com/0e0313ac49f10e12555e1d014068a0ed <------------current prices the same thing applies to glories, it would put you literally right next to a bank and you can sell the uncharged ammy for less than 2k loss on 6 teles.
  4. Any chance you could add/change the North varrock teleport to use the ring of wealth instead of varrock tab? It would be cheaper overall and faster, or a glory for edgeville tele (best option)
  5. does this script support ring of suffering?
  6. well open GL is out now and uses your GPU.
  7. I ran the bot for 2 hours last night after buying the script and i got a botbusting boderate 2 day ban. I also autoclicked at nmz on osbuddy for a few hours a day. Do you think the moderate ban was from autoclicking? dont they always do permaban for full blown botting? Note: i never botted anything on the account before using this script last night other than autoclicking nmz
  8. Best way to bot and not get banned (money making) - only bot things that you dont have to move to do, IE scripts that allow you to just sit at bank the entire time and not move. Nobody knows what you are doing thus they dont have any real reason to report you. -Pick banks that arent as common as lumby bank, varrock bank, less players = less chance of ban -Set proper breaks. Dont stay logged in for 13+ hours a day. -Have MULTIPLE accounts to bot on. Bot on each account in intervals (run x amount of accounts for x amount of hours then switch to x amount of DIFFERENT accounts for the next x amount of hours. I dont use proxies. I dont use LG. I have been banned on this ip a few times. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for one of my bots to get hammered. I even have a few i've had for over 2 months. I would rather run 10 bots at 150k/hr rather than 2 bots doing 500k/hr money makers. especially when i can do the money making method with 0 requirements not even membership.That just means you can easily replace the 1 or two that gets banned that week. Rather than having to A buy a new account that can do the high gp money making method or B level that new acc's stats up. And chances are you're going to bot that stat up. Even further risking your account and time.
  9. done
  10. Nope i have restarted comp and client multiple times.
  11. @TRiLeZ
  12. I purchased vip less than 2 weeks ago after buying a few vip trials. I used paypal to purchase it then purchased vip with credits. Today i tried to run the bot and it said i have no scripts and i no longer have vip. I messaged an admin on discord and he said to check my bot profile and there is no history of any purchases, not even the vip trial purchases. Heres is a screenshot of the paypal transaction, you can see the date there.
  13. After a few rounds of making pizza base (jug) it fails to click how many bases to make and freezes
  14. unfortunately this did not work, my account is an admin anyways so it wouldnt effect this account just other users on this pc
  15. I have reinstalled java and tribot ect, disabled firewalls, reformatted my pc even. Nothing works. I just get stuck on loading client params and a java error on repeat. I can run the bot on my laptop just fine, but when i follow the exact same steps on desktop i run into this problem.