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  1. can you add the cyclops to the middle cave list? its practically in the middle as it is right below the pyrefiend
  2. bludlu5t

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    during priest in peril it keeps stopping after about 45secondds after running and says unable to complete animal magnetism missing requirements, but i have all the requirements
  3. you mfs have some gigantic balls risking craws on a bot. Make an alt for blowpipe botting and manually play craws bow. Just my 2 cents.
  4. i wouldnt even bring that much food if i was playing manually.
  5. id say 1/5 times for me, using salve. i hadnt seen it do it until today
  6. Script has to be babysat or else it bugs out running from pkers, running to tele, or running to the revs. Profit is inaccurate because it doesnt subtract picked up loot from your profits when you die. using a 95 range / rigour account with blowpipe and rune darts and im hardly making 500k/hr. 4-5 deaths per hour average. teleports out even when no pkers are nearby sometimes causing a lot of downtime running back and forth. bot also bugs out when pkers spawn in sometimes spamming running from pkers/antiban rapidly https://gyazo.com/632c2c6be4527ef14f48f706a219c367
  7. keep getting stuck on "antiban" while in the bank debug stops at Disabled all randoms
  8. bludlu5t

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

  9. bludlu5t

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    2 accounts banned when reaching around 95. 4 hour maximum run time with 6hr+ breaks
  10. yes as i am not 85 ranged on an account so blowpipe isnt efficient i am using the dragon crossbow (came out january 4th) and it has a 20% dmg increase on main target + aoe spec on it with slightly higher range bonus than runecrossow and im using diamond e bolts
  11. Well there is your answer. Under the GUI setting for the script there is an option where if you do not get any exp for X amount of time it will end the script. It is set to 7 minutes by default. I would suggest changing it to around 10-15 minutes. @Worthy Can you add Dragon crossbow spec please? It may be in but i have been watching 5+ kills and still no spec
  12. 75+ defense for serp helm would be the minimum for "best build". 85 mage/range is minimum for efficient
  13. bludlu5t

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    should be an option in the 3rd tab of the GUI setup that says allow multikill if sufficient supplies.