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  1. bludlu5t

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

  2. bludlu5t

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    2 accounts banned when reaching around 95. 4 hour maximum run time with 6hr+ breaks
  3. yes as i am not 85 ranged on an account so blowpipe isnt efficient i am using the dragon crossbow (came out january 4th) and it has a 20% dmg increase on main target + aoe spec on it with slightly higher range bonus than runecrossow and im using diamond e bolts
  4. Well there is your answer. Under the GUI setting for the script there is an option where if you do not get any exp for X amount of time it will end the script. It is set to 7 minutes by default. I would suggest changing it to around 10-15 minutes. @Worthy Can you add Dragon crossbow spec please? It may be in but i have been watching 5+ kills and still no spec
  5. 75+ defense for serp helm would be the minimum for "best build". 85 mage/range is minimum for efficient
  6. bludlu5t

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    should be an option in the 3rd tab of the GUI setup that says allow multikill if sufficient supplies.
  7. bludlu5t

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    I see talk from staff about LG is being worked on, Can you fix the flickering in the normal client first? Seems like that would be step 1 not working on LG.
  8. it would just hop when you press the key, or when the 4th phase appears. thus only wasting 20-30seconds. Also, in the 4th phase which has the most blue jads, the bot only prays mage through it, recievinng 30-40 hits with the ranged attack since it is unpredictable when it will spit out a ranged. Being able to skip this would save the average zulrah botter (a farmer who doesnt have tons of 99/99 accounts, ) a large amount on supplies. This phase also results in almost a guarenteed 1 kill/trip with 85/85. Which is very inefficent.
  9. not once did i say i didnt have the required stats or gear. but for optimal kills your switch should remain low, thus one stat gets effected more/less. It would not be hard to implement a killswitch. It is already practically built in with emergency teleport. I dont know if you understand how Zulrah works either, there are 4 base sets that zulrah spawn. The 4th one having more tanzynite jad phases than all the rest. The bot always takes the most damage during this phase regardless of stats. Being able to skip it all together would be nice, but im simply asking for a killswitch to worldhop instantly which would pull you out of zulrah and back at the dock. For when you know your bot will not be able to complete the phase that spawned. This would easily take less than 30minutes to implement. Picture of the 4 different phases you can go through.: https://gyazo.com/1a8ee3ffc5c275d160636c7f90154e8b
  10. how about a command teleport key option? like when you know the bot wont be able to finish the phases and you are watching it you can make it just tele out. would save a few materials and time. EDIT: As a person who puts most of his gear towards magic since it is my highest stat on most accounts, the tanzynite jad phase is a big time waster and supply eater. Being able to tell the bot to skip this easily and worldhop or something to return to port, would substantially increase my rates.
  11. bludlu5t

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    LG is bad. That is all.
  12. Im watching YOU now @Worthy https://gyazo.com/fcac2237a9770c8aa9f43d15b7a7abc1
  13. OMG @Worthy is watching me O.O