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  1. LITE ftwAIO Fisher
  2. 5 hours botting with breaks, P2P account its ok
  3. Its that the fact that i get banned but then put in the discripton that it isnt a abc client
  4. Fishing m8, but wtf cmon:P if it says anti-bot and you get banned for 2 days it doesn't make sence ?
  5. Hello guys, The anti-ban on scrips doesnt work i got banned for 2 days so:) I just wanted to say that. greetz
  6. Hello guys, Im using FTW AIOFISHER bot for fishing, im fishing at fishing guild atm for tuna's and swordfish BUT i have a bankpin on my account cani somehow tell my bot my bankpin so if they ask for bank pin that the bot will autofill ? thanks guys ^^ Greetz,
  7. lol..... ahwell thanks anyway!
  8. Hello Guys, Today i bought VIP right but i have a question does that mean that i can use vip scripts without paying for it ?? Please help quick:) thanks allot! Greetz