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  1. Thank you sir <3
  2. 27 HOUR PROGGIE !!! Just because i like " AUTO'S " scripts ! http://prnt.sc/d1uftc
  3. can you give me link cuz i cant find
  4. Is there a chocolate duster script? cuz i need one ;D please pm if u can make on tho ;D Thanks <3
  5. bump
  6. and nothing else is what stands there.. ;( that is all it says Intel (r) Xeon(R) CPU @ 2.30GHz
  7. it is google cloud VPS lol #expensivino but free trial ;D
  8. Thanks for the help dude <3
  9. Thanks for the info ! but why? is it cuz of the 2.60 Ghz? or the RAM? i have no idea lol ;4
  10. VPS 1: http://prnt.sc/d0u3s7 (screenshot of written below) Processors: Intel (r) Xeon(R) CPU @ 2.30GHz Installed memory (RAM): 20 GB Total disk space: 50 GB http://prnt.sc/d0u55x (screenshot of written below) Download Speed: 77.73 Mbps Upload Speed: 17.39 Mbps VPS 2: http://prnt.sc/d0u8lv (screenshot of written below) Processors: Intel (r) Xeon(R) CPU @ 2.60GHz Installed memory (RAM): 7.5 GB Total disk space: 50 GB http://prnt.sc/d0u8xf Download Speed: 48.75 Mbps Upload Speed: 21.73 Mbps "PLEASE NOTE DOWN HOWMANY FOR EACH VPS" I would appericiate the help buddy's <3 much love
  11. still going strong 15 bots atm
  12. Exactly the same problems as the other guys with reports xD