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  1. Just wanted to say how incredible you are for this mate. Flawless script, works way better than any of the competitors versions. Awesome work bro
  2. Does any body have experience with this upon logging in?
  3. It was running fine, but when I attempt to start it now I get a null pointer exception in DoBanking.java, lines 526, 518, 330 and 513. Won't start now. Thanks for the script though! Was flawless before
  4. exxii


    Thanks! I wouldn't have been able to do it without your inspiration & guidance.
  5. exxii


    I checked and it's there ^^ Thanks mate. I'm going to opensource it to hopefully encourage dope script writers like your self to review and suggest improvements I also need to write a paint ?.
  6. exxii


    Hi all, I wrote my first Tribot script. I needed a plank maker and all of the current ones were outdated. How to run: Start the script anywhere in Varrock (Preferably in Varrock east). Make sure you have logs and 50k ish (It'll work with less but this will get you rolling nicely) Features: Antiban (Unsure of the compliance level, I would say 8+. Need to calculate) Infinite plank making (As long as logs are found) The script will sell the planks to the G.E for you. Once it has coins to continue making the planks at the saw mill, it's good to go! Upcoming: Additional methods of planking (Hot air balloons, varrock teleport) Energy management with pots (Stam / Super Energy) Plank selection ABC10 Informative Paint It can be found here: ePlanker If people want additional functionality I'll be sure to add it. Please do comment below! Thanks.
  7. Wew, I wasn't expecting a reply that fast. Is there any plan to open source this script? I'd love to make a fork and see if I can implement it.
  8. Would be dope if we could use prayer pots and absorbs -- The bot lets my eagle eye switch off and run out of prayer (With pots in my invent.) Otherwise this is amazing. Thanks!
  9. Warewolf is the best XP/PH atm -- Deffo worth adding if you ask me. Dope script anyway, appreciate it!
  10. Ya, I got banned for two days aswell, It's no problem and would still recommend this script 100%. I deserved the ban, had a long progress report. Thanks for the script, 10/10.
  11. Just experienced the script attempt to craft a full invent of rings of dueling (8) while doing the CW banking method. The bug occurred when the script was replacing a ring of dueling, it appears the rings were withdrawn instead of the ess, Other than that, I love you, amazing script.
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