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  1. Hi, I am looking for a free VPN or one for a reasonable price (less than $10 a month) that would be good to use when playing Runescape so Jagex cannot tell my real IP. I do not want to gamble with just any old VPN due to the fact that who knows how its been used and abused, I'd rather hear from those with experience. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!
  2. I ended up figuring out how to get it to work thankfully. but thanks!
  3. So i left my player in the Varrock Sewer killing deadly red spiders with a full inventory of lobbies. I had it set to bank whenever I was out of food. However I left the script alone for an hour and i come back to it and I died and appeared back in lumby! What gives? I don't even know how I managed to die. My character is lvl 68 and the spiders are like 34. Could it have been a random event? I noticed there were not setting for random events. Any advice or feedback welcome
  4. I am new to tribot and I really wanted to buy the VIP-E package because I dont feel safe using a free bot because i got banned using one before. However, every single time I try to buy credits it says that it thinks it is fraud. I have tried credit card, paypal (verified), Bitcoin(wouldnt let me buy credits bc it needed ID and my crappy webcam couldnt get a clear picture so they rejected it). I have literally tried everything. And I have seen people say to find a reseller but i just think this is f-ing ridiculous. I'm about to say forget it. Who can i call or email about this? I am very frustrated. I have checked to make sure I dont have any VPN or DSN enabled so i dont know what gives.