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  1. That's awesome guys, glad to see you guys enjoying life due to tribot!
  2. The script itself is suspended
  3. Please fix this script, corp cave update broke it.
  4. To reduce ban dramatically, i would highly advise only using premium scripts as well as getting Extended vip to look glass
  5. Always a risk to getting banned while botting.
  6. That's what admins/mods are here to do. Help with everything including these things. How's he being selfish? On feb 8th the scripter said it'd be done within 1-2 days meaning the latest it would be done would be feb 10th. It's 5 days after that and he still doesn't have the script that he paid for.
  7. Great update, this sounds great
  8. All depends on what you get. A personal fletching bot wouldn't cost anymore than 30$ imo but it's all depending on the quality scripter. I suggest @Mute
  9. Introducing bonds made botting so much easier lmao
  10. If you offer quests, i have some jobs i could give you to start you off. We can discuss prices as well, pm me if interested
  11. Amazing server, i play everyday all day long! HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who likes playing rsps
  12. Nice profits man