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  1. This site isn't a scam nor would try and get more money out of you. It's probably just a glitch with the payment you chose
  2. Wow very nice and yes very lucky day!
  3. Thanks for keeping us updated!
  4. This scripter doesn't care about his bots. I've tried contacting him for over a week as well as a few other people and still no luck.
  5. Buy vip
  6. Yeah definitely stay away from it buddy. Maybe do 1-2 accounts on it, but don't base your whole income around only rc. Bans are inevitable
  7. I can do this for you for 5m depending on your stats
  8. Nice progress so far
  9. You are VIP but in the future make sure you send the exact amount or a little over, because anything less than 1$ it won't process
  10. I can do all of the power-leveling needed at a very reasonable price
  11. Do you think it's your computer being slow and not being able to take the cpu? Have you tried running it on lg mode on a vps?
  12. It didn't work for you on lg mode?
  13. You don't own any staking accounts of you own? Also is this bot still broken?