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  1. Don't even try for a refund. Trillz has ignored every message I sent regarding this script refund.
  2. colehamera67

    [P] Script to buy and sell on Ge

    Request: -Script to buy and sell on ge Description: - A script that will take the items you enter and then find the margins bye buying at insta buy and selling at insta sell. Then it turns arounds and buys the item for x amount over insta sell and then sells for x amount under insta buy. would also like the script to trade another rs character after the ge limit is reached and transfer the money to said account. Payment Amount: - Send me a price. Time: -ASAP Additional: - Anything additional comments.
  3. Insta sell 200 you buy for 201. insta buy is 300 you sell 299. This would be helpful say you wanted to bypass the 4 hour limit. The reason I want it is as follows: You set the script to do that for cannonballs and zulrah scales which is a huge profit in a matter of minutes. You then use the Tribot script queue to trigger a trade script that trades the cash to a new account and then re triggers this script again on repeat. You can literally make millions of gp an hour doing this with enough accounts to completely bypass the 4 hour limit
  4. No it wouldn't. Say insta buy on cannonballs is 300 and Insta Sell is 200. Then sell them for 199 and buy them for 301. The margin is still 100.
  5. Can you add something like Buy (Item) at Insta Buy Sell (Item) for Insta Sell Calculate Margin Buy (Item) for +(GP) above insta Sell Sell (Item) for -(GP) Below Insta Buy For example: Determin the insta buy and sell of cannonballs and then buy them for +1gp over the insta sell and sell them for -1 under insta Buy
  6. If your having with problems with the bot not working heres the issues. The script will hang on "finding game" if you have all (4) pots and then a 3 2 or 1. You must have (4)'s only.No (2)'s or (1)'s Another thing is if you have an accumulator on, DISABLE the attraction of objects.If a steel arrow or something end up in your inv. the script will break and not find another game. You should think about putting failsafes for these situations. I left my account over night and due to steel arrows taking up a spot for a pot my account kept storing and taking Overloads/Absorptions for like 3 hours
  7. Most of the Issues related to money not being used is because you need to check "Allow Big Purchased" as a previous user stated. Issues I'm currently having: The script tries to flip certain items for like a 2k-7k profit no matter what Aggressiveness I put in the AI. Which is frustration when there's only like a 10 limit on the items. Maybe im not understanding the AI. If I want a higher trade margin, do I go -50 or Positive 50? Also,some Items are completely Ignored by the script and offers won't even be placed for those particular items. Suggestions The script will recognize that the limit has been reached on an item, However,if I stop it to add and item, it wont "remember" that I reached the limit and try to buy the item. Also, It would be nice to be able to add items without having to stop and restart the script. Dunno if that's possible just giving suggestions. Anyways to anyone reading this, Don't hesitate to purchase this script. It has its flaws ( Every script does) but they don't affect you that much and hey, maybe its just me. (Most Likely) I have an 8 Mill stack and I'm managing a constant 500k/hour in profits. Great Script.
  8. Any way to set it so it doesn't go past the trade limit of the item? It's annoying to see my cash stack all on a single item when its reached the trade limit for that 4 hour period.
  9. Very new at scripting. Watch a mining bot tut in hopes of finding help. They use Private Rock_ID=xxxx but I know im not going to use that for picking bannans from a tree.
  10. colehamera67

    Need a Very Simple Private Script

    Please send me a message on here and we can discuss pricing. Script buys X item from shop... walks a very short distance and then Preforms X skill and repeat.
  11. just want to start by saying excellent script! Well worth it. I do have a few issues as follows: when the bot hops when hunting either red chins or birds it places a trap then detects the hunter nearby right away and leaves the trap behind when it togs and ive noticed waking up it shutting down due to no traps. This is not an issue anymore as I am hunting black chins now, Another Issue I've sometimes when it goes to switch worlds. it get stuck at the login screen and wont enter the account details.
  12. colehamera67

    Looking for live-chat operators

    Id be interested in doing this. I work for worldwide techservices repairing computers so this it pretty much what I do for a living. I can provide references, resumes, proof of working, and anyother documentation. Pm me. Sorry for all the errors, im typing on a cell phone.