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  1. Looks like a great script but doens't support butler as i see or am i wrong? It doesn't talk to butler as well..
  2. The script seems good expect that it works at it's best to waste my tabs like it's already at varrock bank and still it uses tab to varrock then go back to bank.. Doesn't like that, if it's intelligent progamming i'm sure it should know that it's in varrock now instead of using tab.. Otherwise it works like smooth
  3. Nice though i don't see choices as those herbs added into the window.. Or either doesnt the bot pick up the herbs, something wrong on my side or just forgot to update it to repo?
  4. Guam 199 Tarromin 203 Marrentil 201 Just made some time to get those ids.. Hopefully you will put in the deposite button also Just something to add: Also a bit too slow with clicking.. Like after it crosses the log it stays for a while and then it thinks and clicks, samething with attacking druids then stays a while then attacks another one.
  5. Doing at ardounge, works good though it walks away randomly to .. somewhere when any random comes up meanwhile you're walking to the bank or tower. I hope you would make two changes, that the player will use deposite all items button on bank instead of deposit - all on every item in inventory.. Will save some time. And add guam etc. Some maybe are farming for herblore skill like me so it would be useful. Just my opinions But otherwise great job.
  6. Yeah the inventory got broken but well eat didn't work either before the update and also right now it eats twice instead of one.. Doesn't make me happy by wasting sharks for nothing.. eating two sharks instead of one.. should be easy fixed ... EDIT: now it ate three sharks, what..?
  7. Nono, pickpocketing.. I did on Farmer and it didn't work I think eating doesn't work when I put custom NPC but it worked once when i chosen one from list, varrock castle warrior but then it eats 2 sharks instead of 1.. some bug there i think..
  8. Great script but doesn't even eat when i choose shark and check on Eat. Not lobster either.... And adding silk stall would be helpful in ardounge. "Change clicks while stunned too, it always clicks twice while you are stunned, make it like click once when stunned and later twice but sometimes three times and so.. Random clicks since if it sees two try to pickpocket while stunned every time.. Will fit as a bot.."
  9. Vouch for this seller. Bought 20M, went fast and smooth.. probably few minutes only. GL selling.
  10. Unticking bigbone looting and burying, it still loots bigbones but won't bury.. it won't attack cyclops either.. That's what it does to me..
  11. 15 posts, no pictures, nothing useful information.. no locations.. I smell virus, or am I wrong?
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