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  1. if its broken af why doesn't it get deleted lol
  3. the amount of hosters using this script is ridiculous lol waiting for a jmod to walk by and ban everyone legit 30+ bots all hosting both sometimes its crazzzzzzzy none the less i might make a quick video tutorial for the homies above having problems with setting their script up.
  4. anyone else find it funny in the video he multi logs 6 accs at castillo and then his newest vid is the invincibility at castillo then during it he asks the guy if he can login behind the rubble and if it will change the aggro (all i could think was hes gonna login on his 6 accs to finish abusing it) also odds are hes the culprit behind the 80k corp beast kills this nigga straight snorting gp edit; row plz dont pwn me irl i enjoy the vids
  5. THANK YOU @TacoManStan
  6. u and the 10 other guys who have 30 mtd accounts there getting banned every week lol thats cuz this scummer on tribot released a auto accepting script for free so MTD Destiny/ MTD Ranga/ MTDan / MTD Marvel were scamming people for weeks which raised alerts on all mtd accounts cause when u scam legit players they legit cry and spam ur a scammer and report you for hours. lololollo not editing out those names either unless im edited by a mod or asked too by a mod those kids are scum and ruin the biz
  7. I'm assuming this is due to the client? or that's what i've heard around anyway. Same boat. The game was updated this morning...... lol
  8. Magic longbow:859 Magic longbow noted:860 source - http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=yb6CpqKd
  9. patiently wait for an update. @jayski
  10. @Starfox can your script do stun/alch at the same time? or only 1 method per time?
  11. buying this after trilez updates the current problem. Looks nice. I will update with my progress once everything else is sorted out. stun/alch the best way to go ya? edit; can it stun/alch at the same time?
  12. Good luck with the goal. I remember back when I used to make bank off selling rsbs auths i'd get dumped on h.rs and i'd sell em for 5m per or 20m for unlimited. and i sold all the cash when i was 16 it was dope for not having a job and having everything funded yourself
  13. How new are all you kids seriously? i go way back with this, and I would never post a silly question on a botting forum "if acc a is banned and if i bot on account b do you guys think i will be banned?" when u hit run script u sign a death warrant upon your account. You will be banned. Not right away, not for a few weeks. But the account will eventually be caught. Jagex has fought against bots since the RS Classic days. This is nothing new to them. We are pest to them. If you like the account you said you have left forget about it for a few weeks. Change the pw from a ip in china then recover it from a new ip you can get setup through your isp or tell them you'll refuse to continue maintaining a service agreement with them and begin to look for another isp. I'm not trying to flame or start anything with anyone on this topic but just know when you hit run script you will be banned. remember it don't forget it.
  14. now i know why theres nothing but scammers around
  15. i thought you were some upset korean gold farming manager im kinda racist i guess