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  1. i getting the error that tells me that tribot has been updated, please restart
  2. same thing happen to me dont trust Proxy Fish they are scammers
  3. Hello Guys please help i purchased 2 capatcha credits and all i got is that message in the tribot client and i lost like 2 dollars in under 2 mints and not 1 single account created would some one explain to me what am i doing wrong please ! Side Note : i used the standard script arguements i only edited my 2 capatcha key here is SS of my TriBot client https://gyazo.com/90e63ce1ecf6ae1830c886a44ab8ba97 it kept saying the same message over and over with out any delays here is my 2capatcha profile view https://gyazo.com/126c8d227702aa4bcccd74a53f25fb8f i purchased 5 dollars worth of credits and lost almost 2 dollars in like 2 mints please some one tell me what did i do wrong
  4. i was use proxys in my gold bot suddnly it keep ketting error connecting and wont load new clint and its work with normal ip when the provider of proxy make sure 100% ips working good .. and it work with me in another programs and account creation please help me asap
  5. in my case i bot in non work time like 10 hours i dont care about ban after 10 hours cuz i wold be done with my gold bot farmers i stayed do that like 9 month or less from the beginning of this month i got a lot of chain bans in non working time after 1 or 2 hours thats never happens to me before .. and the accounts that i created and i didn't boted them just create no login no tut no thing done with them also take ban too , at last i know that my ip flagged 10000 time but 9 month do same thing never banned in non working time . so please help me how to bot 10 hours agine in non working time with no chain ban ban i used many proxies and vpns using same method i always work with and also got chain ban in non working time .. sorry for this long replay
  6. stuck @ cooking and smithing keep clicking on the map >>
  7. @UsaHope you fix script please make it payed if you want... But please stop ignoring us
  8. DarkFuture

    weird bans

    i just got holy shit ban ( i created 40 account frist 20 i did just toturial island with extuturial script .. after 2 hours got baned the rest other 20 same srial i didnt bot them or opened them and baned also ) so fuckin shit
  9. yes same issue here but i dont know how to make this gif all accounts stuck like that .. hope u fix it asap sir <3
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