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  1. MybotsareZEN

    Proxy problem maxthon

    First result indeed, my bad. Got there as wel eventually, was about to delete post. Fixed now. Thanks for quick reply. Namaste
  2. MybotsareZEN

    Proxy problem maxthon

    When on a proxy in maxthon and try to get to osrs login screen I get this error Security Exception - MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: socket Anyone who knows how to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey Worthy. I bought the script today and it runs really smooth. came across an issue at fairy ring island whre it has to click the jumpin stone. It goes completely nuts spam clicking the island to over 30 times before getting over the river, this because the stone is not visible from many angles, i would say its easy fixed by search stone by turning the view. dont know if im the only one having this experience, but im not going to use the script this way with such accounts at stake. that spam clicking is asking for the banhammer i would like to see it do diffrently there before my time runs out again thanks in advance,