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  1. I have around 1000 gbp in BTC, do you guys think it will keep rising? Last week i put in 900 gbp or so and now after checking an hour ago i've made about 150 gbp, should i keep investing or just withdraw now? Also, how would i sell my BTC for paypal at a fair rate? Thanks.
  2. Thankyou bro, whats the most you think BTC will reach?
  3. Hmm, i'll look into those. Thankyou
  4. bumP!
  5. Anyone able to make me a twitch viewbot which can give me up to 1k viewers whenever i want on different channels Please private message me for my Skype Can pay 07 gp/RS3 gp/Bitcoin
  6. bump
  7. Might aswell see if anyone here can help - no need to get all defensive lmfao.
  8. Hmm, thats why I need someone to make one privately for me, can't find one anywhere tbh... Need it for a big project of mine, currently the only issue i have as im having to pay 10 dollars each time for 1k views for an hour in which i change channel every 20 mins or so but you have to wait 3 days per viewbot to change the channel if you know what i mean. So this means i have to buy like 10 viewsbots a day... over time it's gonna cost me thousands so its in my best interest to pay a one time fee for a script to be made and then never having to pay again // have the troubles im having now
  9. No website what I know of sells a permanent viewbot which gives 1k viewers to any channel.
  10. Note: Money isn't an issue - JUST NEED A GOOD SCRIPT... pm me!
  11. bump
  12. doesnt for me either.
  13. WHY WONT MY TRIBOT LOAD https://gyazo.com/09a262b578107d4568dabfdab10498bb https://gyazo.com/83f56ac7dc08164e05570ea9989809ae https://gyazo.com/6f2fe792722c372fd00cc467f3032607 https://gyazo.com/6964d315285f3b6cdb15bcd14c5e439f https://gyazo.com/60b02d3b4c23f85203100980f377395e
  14. shit fucking site
  15. Need Waterfall quest done on 5 different accounts PAYMENT = RSGP COMMENT BELOW!
  16. on 5 accs?