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  1. joe biden

    LG issue, no response to mouse or keyboard

    Also having this problem, cant interact with osbuddy through tribot at all, bot cant either
  2. joe biden

    TRiBot Release 9.401_0

    Almost 2 months actually
  3. joe biden

    Please welcome our new developers

    Please fix the auto login bug..
  4. joe biden

    Increased CPU usage after last week's update

    Doesn't seem to improve anything.
  5. joe biden

    Increased CPU usage after last week's update

    I'll try that, thanks
  6. I'm noticing a +30-40% increase in CPU usage since August 23rd's update. Using the same scripts and setup. Has something changed or is it my end?
  7. joe biden

    9 Accounts banned from last nights server crash

    What does that have to do with a server crash
  8. joe biden

    TRiBot Release 9.400_0

    I made my own login handler and it was still broken. Even tried using colours to detect if logged out. Can you link me some of these posts?
  9. joe biden

    How long till log in bot is fixed

    Post an issue here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues
  10. joe biden

    Bot sometimes fails to relogin after breaks

    Been broken for me too since last update, hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Haven't seen too many people complaining about it so might take a while
  11. joe biden

    Auto-login failing?

    Nearly all my bots were stuck logged out within an hour, this is should be a bigger issue. Debug also states that the login bot has started, so its definitely the autologin.
  12. joe biden

    Auto-login failing?

    My script has not changed, but ever since today's update, auto-login doesn't work. It won't log back in. In addition, a script usually automatically stops running once auto-login fails, but since today it has continued to run in the log-in screen until I manually reset it. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. I've heard that flagged IPs become unflagged and safe to use again after 2 weeks, is this true?
  14. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    yes. Might be good antiban to add human-like reactions if forcefully idle
  15. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    they ban up to 18k bots a day, if there was a freeze period they wouldn't have the time to watch every bot. I think you may be onto something though, I have ran into these freezing instances before and just attributed it to the client. Maybe they freeze and then test repetitive actions (for example, spam lay box trap if you're a chin bot) edit: my figures may be off about 18k bots, i just remember Acorn saying something about "banned 18k bots today"