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  1. I've heard that flagged IPs become unflagged and safe to use again after 2 weeks, is this true?
  2. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    yes. Might be good antiban to add human-like reactions if forcefully idle
  3. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    they ban up to 18k bots a day, if there was a freeze period they wouldn't have the time to watch every bot. I think you may be onto something though, I have ran into these freezing instances before and just attributed it to the client. Maybe they freeze and then test repetitive actions (for example, spam lay box trap if you're a chin bot) edit: my figures may be off about 18k bots, i just remember Acorn saying something about "banned 18k bots today"
  4. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    I'll let you know, I'll likely experiment this
  5. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    Do you know if 24/7 running is ip-based or account based? In other words, do you reckon it'd be viable to alternate accounts every 12 hours (on the same ip and machine)? Playtime may be a factor since I did run 24/7. I was very surprised they lasted 7 days, so everything I believed about breaking went out the window, but i'm beginning to believe it may be a factor
  6. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    I've been running these 50 bots with much success for weeks. For 7 days with no breaks, 0 got banned. 3 days ago most of them got banned, so I refilled back to 50. Three more days pass, and then a half are gone today. It's odd because if they survived so long before on the same exact script, I'm wondering if it's beyond the script?
  7. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    I really don't think IP is the factor as everything was exclusively done on a new IP (acc creation, verification, tutorial, running). As for the latter, I trade the same amount of resources to each bot to fund them, would they be able to pick up this pattern of the same amount of items given? Seems a bit advanced for jagex
  8. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    Running on separate virtual machines, yet all the same ISP (hence I think this may be a factor) Mule is not a factor. we clean the money very thoroughly and never make direct contact with the mule, we use other methods to xfer Finally, I have considered each getting banned isolated from the other, but I have 50 bots, and only 20 got banned. They all run the same script yet 30 survive somehow? There is no obvious correlation between the 20 got banned (some got membs 2 weeks ago, some got membs yesterday, etc) Also the script isn't a well known moneymaking method (it's my own script)
  9. joe biden

    Chain ban criteria?

    Half my accounts got banned in the span of one hour. Prior to this, 0 got banned in 3 days. This suggests it was a chain ban. The accounts were made and trained on the same IP they botted on, so it wasn't an IP-based chain ban. My question is: what ways does jagex chain ban other than IP? Would they chain ban by ingame area, bond time, ISP? Any ideas?
  10. joe biden

    Best way to suicide bot?

    If I found a way to make decent money per hour on level 3's fresh off tutorial island, what would be the wisest way to suicide bot? Should i bot tutorial island and just profit until it gets banned? in other words, how long will i have from tutorial island to a ban generally? Will i have at least 24 hours to act?
  11. joe biden

    FC Private Scripting

    Bought a script and it was completed before I could even buy the needed credits. Very helpful and nice.