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  1. Hi, after using the script with 2 brand new accounts, got banned within a day in both accounts Reason "macro", however they were non member. Please check, something is triggering the "stacktrace" ty
  2. Another bug Cook assistant quest *It wont milk the cow with the bucket if the inventory interface is Selected, and will get stuck. as i said, great script!
  3. hi, 2 bugs so far *while doing the underground laberinth to get the oil cane, after clicking Lever A and Lever B, the next step is to open a door, but it wont move the camera to click the door, i had to manually move it so as soon i focused the door, it click to open. (this problem persists for all the doors in the basement labirinth(ernest the chicken), atleast for me) * After completing ernest the chicken it will stuck in the second floor next to the profesor, "clicking the minimap" btw, I have no logs. tyvm great script
  4. AlphaCrafter Pro

    Hi, it keeps clicking glassblowing pipe and the molten glass (looks like old make-all interface), please fix ty
  5. Auto Cooker

    You're damn right. Fuck yes
  6. Auto Cooker

    Oh please, it will be lovely.
  7. I need this shit, i have the same problem Whats the point of paying vip E if no human mouse data checksum found, PLEASE @TrilleZ add our mouse files PLXZ=R A("Q)#(/)!"#()/!"(&#!="/()#J=!"JI#MP
  8. buying 9 credits (paying with BTC)

    buying 9 credits (paying with BTC)
  9. buying 8 credits

    buying 8 credits
  10. Need business partner (SCRIPTER APP)