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  1. Bot seems to work fine except when I use Abyss it teleports to my house and stands there. Doesnt try to open the door, use glory anything. I have to manually click on the glory and tele back to edge to get it to continue. Any ideas?
  2. Says I have 23 days left. Yes it still does not say Im upgraded. I guess Ill pay the extra $2 fee and do it the other way.
  3. A Also it says I have no extended VIP days left. Is it because I purchased it while my other vip was active? I didnt click upgrade I purchased the whole other package for $8.
  4. It all says "Get started". It even showed up on my credit card so I know it went through.
  5. Yes, Ive been on a 2 week VIP subscription so far. An hour ago I purchased the extended package but I havent been upgraded yet?
  6. Id like to contact a Mod. It's saying that I do not have the extended version.
  7. So I recently purchased VIP and when I start a new client no Looking Glass option shows. Any idea why?
  8. Hmm What about Runecrafting? I dont see many Abyss runners.
  9. I was multi running 2 bots back in 2012. One was a air orb runner and the other a simple agility bot on my main (Which both got banned due to them suspecting me of being a gold farmer) Pretty sure it was the Orb Runner that got my into trouble. Was wondering if anybody knows if thats still heavily monitored on OSRS still? Also if anyone knows of which skills are most watched currently?
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