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  1. Got 2 left Pm me or leave message
  2. Dam you're cute I'd bang
  3. Im best ragger alive kid cleared from wests Stronk but na
  4. Shit nearly pissed myself m8 XD was like wow why me I bought his beast script now I get boned hehe
  5. Saw this script I ran was Druids master thiever which I doubt he would do since I love his scripts but why does is say remote host and all these wierd info? Never showed before just came back home to see it
  6. Rs3 is lame af I had a turmoil maxed 99 sum pure 30def and a nex pure both fucked by jagex you cant even pk in rs3 with all those homo updates but w/e floats ppls boats
  7. Lol wtf spending irl money for a game just for a kniife? Lay of my sak Ima make a killing on my irl wallet
  8. I just realised that the way you hear yourself isnt how you sound to others which is depressing lmfao Im 18 and sound like 13? Either way I look like im 15
  9. Closed Piece of crap double posted on 1 click
  10. Fuck it Yolo lets do dis
  11. Atleast you finished college Im just glad im not a skiller rofl just a pker or else Cya life
  12. I got caught botting and I'm botting on it again already 15hours in hoping for a ban to quit but if I make it to my goal then I'll legit lol
  13. works great but had problem thieving the warrior women It would say non detected in ardouge so I moved it to master farmers.
  14. Get a script and go yolo staking if you lose go make some gp ez its what im doing atm
  15. lmfao does it fully kill you? I got to test it when I'm done botting later at night haha wow