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  1. It depends i5 would work for you, a VPS with about 8v CPUs would work it really just depends on the single core performance. I don't buy anything AMD at all had bad experiences with them in the past. I can set you up something that runs 15 bots no problemo.
  2. An i7 would work magic for you might be a slight overkill though.
  3. Just though I would show a cool update I implemented yesterday. It is a support add on so when clients order certain things and they want to track how the service is going and how long its taking and what not I've applied this: This add on is mostly used for premium support clients which is a $5 add on per month that you can order and we offer $20 minute support responses and fixed so I'm using this to track how I'm doing with the responses and fixes. I personally think its a great add on from WHMCS and will work wonders for my company. Enjoy the read.
  4. In that case you can use https://blockchain.info/ if your not interested in buying BTC just sign up and a pop up will appear that says start receiving BTC click that and it will explain to you how to receive and send btc.
  5. I use https://www.coinbase.com depending on what your trying to do it will work perfectly. What are you setting up/using with coinbase?
  6. No thank you I have no rep on tribot but I have some on other platforms but id never take that low not even under $1
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