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  1. kod1ak_

    Can't buy VIP

    I do not want to step on anyones toes or anything. I can do a pentest real quick to see if that's a problem. (only with permission of course) I didn't think I think it's just a front end issue ... It looks like a front end problem. but i've been wrong before.
  2. kod1ak_

    Can't buy VIP

    IT is all good mate. It's not IPV6 though. Otherwise we would not be able to access the page itself. I think it's just a common bug
  3. kod1ak_

    Can't buy VIP

    JUST SO EVERYONE IS AWARE THIS IS NOT AN IPV6 INTERNET PROBLEM. THIS IS A SIMPLE FRONT END MISTAKE! Ipv6 has been around since before this website was created. When clicking on purchase VIP a blue screen comes up ... upon hitting enter the screen gets darker and darker. This is not due to your internet. Those running through proxies and Tor should know this. It was a lame excuse and his way of telling you that he has no idea what the problem is.
  4. kod1ak_

    Can't buy VIP

    I actually have the same problem! Came here to see if it had gotten resolved!