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  1. <3 hello
  2. I am called as a noob botter although I don't bot all lol
  3. Hey, Just joined recently, I am known as Alva. I am known well offsites, I am looking to be active on here aswell Good day to y'all
  4. ~ ~ Alva's fight caves ~ ~ Welcome to my fight caves thread. Service offered: Fire Cape & Jad Pet Methods accepted: Melee/Range/1 Prayer. Available for pures/zerkers/mains & any other stats. Pricing: Jads: FREE Capes & Pets: Private message/Skype me for current prices! Note: Prices change often to often, so just pm me on skype or over PM. (Always giving discounts to people with good gear). I do accept the following payment methods: Old school Gold Rs3 Gold PayPal Terms of Service: -I have the right to deny any incoming orders. -I will fully refund any failed attempts. -You may not access the account during the service. Doing so, will result in your service being quashed without refund. -I am not responsible for any black marks that happen during the serivce -You must change your password once the service is completed. -I am not responsbile for any missed items that might be lost (If you have wealthy stuff please move them to mule account.) -You must feedback me once the service is completed. -By placing order you're automaticly agreeing to these TOS.