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    love gaming love sports love bitches love weed.

    Want to get into Scripting anyone willing to teach me I could pay you maybe other than that Whats gucci im looking forward to settling in.

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  1. what would be a good bot to get att-str-def-hp to 70 from 38,37,30,32?
  2. It sometimes runs off to different areas and, when it gets near flax it walks past it and, then picks and, it stalls sometimes.
  3. little buggy.. update?
  4. Bro free scripts mean=BAN quick. Private = Paid for work and, you in return get bugs fixed whenever for a period of time 100% ban rate (0) most likely if used correctly and, A fking wicked script because these guys are smart asf. epic bot hacks accounts, and, ban rates are high. So far tribot seems to be a pay for or, wait 3 days for 2 hours.. Which is lame should be 5 hours honestly but ehh.. but you're getting pretty good deals if you willing to fork up some pay.
  5. Make a combat script that could fight anything? and bank and food and any location? with low ban rate? tracks xp also?
  6. Well the way you put it like that sums up my post to be useless ;p but no worries I understand were you coming from but if that is the case I am currently not attending school and, I would not mind 24/7 learning script since have nothing really to do and, if you could lead me to some advice to were I can get started and, become a script writer and, I am fully aware it's nothing basic but If i start from 1-10 I want to do it I have the time and, willing to go through the hell! I want to be able to make that very extreme bot with 0% ban rate and, I would continue but I'm very new indeed and, would really appreciate it for some info on were I can start making scripts. Then I would assemble my team of writers.
  7. Ultra script as in everyone throws in their idea's and, their skill and, we all purge our scripts skills and, anti-ban skills and, we will call it ULTRON! <:P
  8. Why not ask me the goal of this :P? But anyways Honestly I'm on a mission to get this website to it's SUPERIOR potential not saying it's not flawless as it is but I want to also learn to code and, write scripts for tribot and, myself to then make a team and, teach newbies. But make it to were these scripts will be undetectable like 2010 days and, make it to were f2p wont be ban in hours/days and gold miners but also keep premium happy you know? The goal is to get a bunch of script writers together and, honestly create scripts together and, maybe make one Ultra script in one but continue the flow after another per script you know? But idk how ima do it
  9. Well as in lesson I mean, Become what now a days not many see and, Make Undetectable scripts that will last for weeks with ban rate 0% But you do you go and, bot shit up Other than that I need some info on scripting an what does Jagex do to detect bots and, how they handle it and shitz like that
  10. Dont be a pleb" :P
  11. Well! Lets feast >:) but as of now I dont have anything setup for if anyone wants to get better at what you do. But add me
  12. are you one of the great flawless script writers?
  13. More like code idk... I just make color code in my head and, then see if anyone will notice it haha but YES!!!! now ?:( reply if you can help me out m8 haha but i r8 8/8 B8 you dirty little sh8 JK JK !!
  14. Hello fellow Tribot members I'm Dirtycows you probably know this already but any who I'm also a fellow script user*Free*. So, I posted on Reddit but failed and, then discovered this amazing website and, It seems to be flawless when comes to the developers and, buyers an overall the community! but a It seems to be a little dull on updates not sure maybe looking in the wrong area's but anyways I was wondering if anyone can point me to were I can learn to create scripts, and afterwords I'll assemble a team of script writers and, we will ruin Jagex not really ruin but make them a little stronger because I do want them to become better at detection then again I want them to work for it! So, their for I want to master the skill of scripting and, making it a game of (Cops and Robbers but(Scripters and, Developers)) So, I am a nobody as of now and, not trying to say I'm better then anyone because I'm not I'm just aware from looking around in many different forms that If you don't have any rep+ You wont be trusted so, that is what I want to change about this account! Soon I will be donating to the website and, upgrading to VIP/Premium but I do want to meet and, get to know the community through this post or, many more post and, also figure out who writes the best scripts. I just want to get big in this community; maybe big but also become an experienced script writer but ill need some help from the experts that know what they're doing so, I can help my fellow members and, free members train their account and, not do shit! Haha or, whatever they do with the scripts I make an the team! But I know it wont be a easy task because scripting and, turning nothing into something is not like riding a bike. Not until you get good at it then It's it's like riding a bike WITH NITRO haha but anyways who is ready to start a revolution? >:)--TRB<--->R8==Dss