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  1. nebscape

    Trouble downloading the client.

    Try pressing your start button and type "cmd" press enter. You should see a black command prompt pop up. Type " cd Desktop" press enter, then type "java -jar TRiBot_Loader.jar" and press enter. If that doesn't work idk lol
  2. nebscape

    OS Trader/Mule

    Just use the Message Listener for trade requests.
  3. nebscape

    How safe are scripts?

    I'd say there is a 80% chance anyone who claims they got hacked from using tribot just entered a "giveaway" and got phished.
  4. nebscape

    Grand exchange buy second item

    @Usa Has a public GrandExchange API posted somewhere that I use to get around this problem.
  5. nebscape

    does the bot panel work?

    I don't think it works at all.
  6. nebscape

    you know you are f****d when this happens

    I've had it happen to me also where I need to complete the captcha and afterwards my post or whatever i was doing doesn't get posted. I need to try again 1-2 times before it will work sometimes.
  7. nebscape

    Is WebWalking safe

    Just get one of those fancy path and area tools and it's a breeze to make your own paths.
  8. nebscape

    Is WebWalking safe

    I'd avoid web walking when possible it tends to mess up in certain situations like if RS lags while its searching for a path you could end up halfway accross rs.
  9. nebscape

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    it's the first time I've seen it happen but the script got stuck up stairs in the quest house some how.
  10. nebscape

    Scripts throwing a error

    I think it was just a hooks.dat problem I deleted it and restarted the client and didn't have any issues.
  11. nebscape

    Scripts throwing a error

    [14:56:08] Exception in thread "Thread-113" [14:56:08] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.tribot.api2007.Skills$SKILLS [14:56:08] at scripts.NebChopper.NebChopper$MScriptThread.run(NebChopper.java:1107) [14:56:08] Exception in thread "TRiBot Antiban Thread" [14:56:08] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.tribot.api2007.Skills$SKILLS [14:56:08] at obf.OE.run(gj:774) [14:56:08] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) What might be causing this?
  12. nebscape

    Mule to bot trading script

    send me a PM i can make you a basic one that will get the job done.
  13. nebscape

    Buying client starter

    I've tried hes more concerned about farming himself lol
  14. nebscape

    Buying client starter

    I want to be able to start tribot from command line choosing the account&script& world. Let me know if you can make one or have one I'll pay for one just tell me how much you want.
  15. nebscape

    [Snippet] isInBank();

    nice this accounts for the GE being a bank right where I don't think the api method always does?
  16. nebscape

    Tribot CMD Launcher

    Ah shit that won't do anything I think literally every bot client other than tribot supports CLI
  17. nebscape

    Tribot CMD Launcher

    @Deluxe I'll send you some cash for all your hard work with the cmd launcher once you get it updated again.
  18. nebscape

    AIO Raid script

    someone will write a premium raid script somewhere and it will be far less that that lol
  19. I've noticed tribot's webwalker doesn't take into account that the dark wizards south of varrock can kill low level players walking on the path. It would be nice if your webwalker took this into account and walked more west of the path when passing the spot.
  20. nebscape

    Tribot CMD Launcher

    I have the .jar file I can send you if you would like.
  21. I'm noticing sometimes it tries to kill something it can't reach like on the other side of a wall. Maybe if the server message displays "I can't reach that!" move onto the next possible target to attack?
  22. nebscape

    Betting for days/weeks on vps?

    Just a heads up if you think you will get away without weeks of having to do anything your most likely going to come back to your accounts banned and profits lost
  23. nebscape

    In your opinion ----

    I bet you could get 99 magic with a splashing or alching script pretty safe.
  24. I haven't figured out how to use magic for this script because when it banks to get more food it deposits all the runes and goes back to the spot.
  25. please add a option not too log out of deadman worlds!