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  1. It's not that they're broken or I'm using them incorrectly, it's just I guess I kinda expected the classes would be able to generate the a path from me to the chest, and it would traverse it no problem as the only thing in the way are doors, which the classes claim to be able to navigate. While it still wasn't really that complicated, there's definitely something weird with DPathNavigator in barrows.
  2. Yes you're right it's not hard to walk a path and open a door. I think the main challenge was just generating the path when half of the pathing classes don't work in barrows. I only wanted to see if someone had already wrote it before I did.
  3. Also what does the areas parameter mean in this PathFinding method? Like certain areas of the screen or...? So far this has been the only method that produced a path when called in the barrows tunnels, but it stays in the region where it's enclosed by doors (AKA it doesn't open them). But at least it produced something.
  4. I don't think DPathNavigator detects any of the doors, which is the problem. I think it may have something to do with the minimap being blacked out and it thinks it's not in a loaded region, or something. I definitely do not look forward to writing the custom paths myself haha. @Assume @wussupwussup any ideas?
  5. Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone has ever had any success with pathing in the barrows tunnels? DPathNavigator and PathFinding seem to be not functioning correctly at all. Thanks!