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  1. Does this script have a world-hopping delay? I keep getting booted out and returned to the login page because it hops worlds too fast.
  2. 2nd time banned, however very unfortunate this time, lost all my cash (70m) stack. Ran script for 3 and a half hours. from 11am - 1pm. However, script did run flawless.
  3. The demand of items is always fluctuating, is it possible for the script to flip certain items and certain times? For instance I'll make 300k the first hour, but then by the second hour, the profit per hour drops drastically.
  4. Oh, I get it now. That's what I've been was confused about, thanks for clarifying that. What's the diff between script start and AI start?
  5. I feel rsbuddy isn't exactly accurate, when I manually check the margins. The AI is way off. Plus, before I get out of your hair, what's the difference between start script and AI start?
  6. Shall I give you the list of items I've been using? btw, I made this list today. I've been changing the list, using numerous combinations of different items.
  7. It's just that I don't know if it's the items I'm using or the AI. It's just that I would appreciate some sort of guide how to efficiently use this script or an example set up.
  8. The script works perfectly but it's just that I can't make more than 80k an hour and sometimes it will show that I'm making 300k an hour, which is false. Plus I've been using Ge tracker which displays completely different prices to those shown is rsbuddy.
  9. I don't know why but I just end up losing money with this script or making much less than the estimated profit, for instance I'll purchase several items that are currently good for flipping. The script will then set a extremely high price out of the boundaries when selling the item back and I end up making like 70k and hour with a 30m cash stack. I've tried hundreds of items, still the same. By the way I use Full AI.
  10. Wow, I believe this your script, right? If so, I would gladly purchase it after thorough testing.
  11. I would gladly pay for a bot that plays the mini-game barrows. A bot that allows custom combat setups, supports multiple methods of transportation, switches Armour and weapon depending on what barrow's brother is currently being fought, efficient prayer flicking, an algorithm that checks whether or not it can complete another round of barrows. That's all I currently have at the moment but I will add more to the list to help any bot author who is willing to create this script.
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