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  1. Very nice guy but my only payment on this moment is Paypal Still looking for GP!
  2. I am still looking for, if you are online shoot me a pm on skype: Steve.Jancee
  3. Thanks for replying, got a buyer from tribot aswell had to wait and yes you can contact my later in the day about this IF i did already buy then sorry, if not just shoot me a pm on skype;)
  4. https://www.playerauctions.com/offer/myfeedbacklist/?username=borntwoepic Lets say around 7-800$ + some off Playerauctions just through Paypal
  5. Oh and btw, i aint new i just use Tribot only to bot and other then that nothing else got 8 feedbacks on Playerauctions worth of 1k$ sold of accounts
  6. The thing is, you dont read what i just wrote, you are only saying what you think and want to. i never bought big from website sellers? i am saying i* use my paypal for IRL work and received enough payments on it, but i understand just to bad the good ones have to suffer cause of the bad ones thanks anyway
  7. No need to be all bitchy about it, if you dont want thats fine my paypal is 2years old with over 5k+ in payments i use for work/etc think i am a little piece of shit who charge back for $40 usd? o and btw, gold websites ask $1.30/a mill looking for way cheaper as those basters pay $0.90 to buy from people. So thanks for asking but u can move on without hating <3
  8. Hows that useless? all those big gold website's ask for it + its a verification anyway its only a one time payment cba making coinbase since i already have money on my Paypal :/
  9. Paypal with ID Picture if trusted ill go first, otherwise MM.
  10. As the title says, buying around 40-50Mil RS07 GP! Paying through paypal if any1 intressted Skype: Steve.Jancee We use a MM ofcourse.
  11. Add me need asap 7 credits for rs07 gold send me in pm ur skype or something
  12. Skype: Steve.jancee first one add's me gets it!