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  1. okay I changed my mind. I only need 1,2b. Is there any reliable way to make this money 1 week?
  2. Okay well what about bot farming? Are there any efficient methods for that?
  3. Yes I'm actually serious about this, believe me or not. Do you know any phishing methods?
  4. hey sounds legit, where shall we meet?
  5. Hey bros. I need at least 9 billion OS gold asap. Got any suggestion? Could be anything, legal or not. Thanks!:)
  6. Is there any sites with reliable information and updates about OSRS bugs? Can't find similar content here. Thanks!
  7. After purchasing the Vip-e, does it work automatically on every script after I just load the client or do I need to do something?
  8. Okay. What about the preferred world? Can I start the script without logging in myself and it will automatically log in to whatever is my preferred world?
  9. What does the pin mean and should I care about it?
  10. Thanks!
  11. How to manage brakes if the script doesn't automatically have them?
  12. How do I set up proxies in the Tribot login client? Where can I get these proxies?
  13. Okay, thank you very much. So if I use 10 bots I should put it to 1024mb?
  14. Oh, one question. Is there a limit to heap size?
  15. Alright thanks