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  1. no it was enabled i disabled it now
  2. is there a way to just have the script turned off from the clients end under these circumstances? I don't want the scripts running or my character logging back in automatically via the client.
  3. since my system idle runs 90 ish percent and i set my osbuddy to cpu 1 and LG to cpu 2 i still get lag from time to time i don't understand. I deleted all my hook data, i disabled the gui for LG and then minimized it and it still isn't running at 100% on osbuddy. osbuddy always run faster when LG is disabled(i only run one client at a time with one window opened for both osbuddy basically i only bot on one account). specs: i3-7100 cpu 3.9ghz 8gb of ram AMD radeon r5 220
  4. thanks so much guys! i never got notified for a response to this thread
  5. i heard seers is horrible, i wonder if ape atoll is a good alternative wit h this script? is adrouge safer than seers at 70+?
  6. why does it choose agility to hover over? pretty odd to me. tribot client abc2 that is
  7. the script keeps hovering over agility when checking mining
  8. isnt shift dropping preferred?i'd figure most legit players shift drop so shouldnt that not affect the ban rates with this script using shift dropping?
  9. for crowded areas would you recommend world 2?
  10. i can't simply play the game because i suffer from fibromyalgia. runescape and starcolony are the only two games i play. Starcolony is dreadfully boring because i already am max level there. With runescape even if i get banned i don't care I don't really have much other options for recreational activity.
  11. my system idle process maxes out the cpu while running the bot is this normal?
  12. Also another option should be world hopping if players are typing in your chat feed. Everything suggested can be disabled or enabled in the tribot client itself. The loud noise is for those who babysit(or in another tab on the computer) their bots so they can continue dialogue while the world hopping is for those who don't babysit.
  13. let there be an option in tribot that makes a loud noise when other players are typing in runescape that does not end until you are in the osbuddy client(if that is too difficult until you click on the tribot client).
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