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  1. Just as the title says vote yes for dclaws even if you don't take this game seriously it would be a great help.
  2. got it
  3. I've made so many changes to this one script i wanted it to go back to the default settings.
  4. Other MMorpgs like world of warcraft, the players don't care as much and RWT is just fine and dandy. Don't get me wrong they ban bots if they find them in that game too, but in runescape they get all touchy and emotional over it and try so hard to ban as many as possible.
  5. What a bunch of noobs. Runescape is the only mmorpg that cares so much about bots like this.
  6. gotcha
  7. I've been told from a few experienced botters to stay away from the skill but it's such as an awesome money maker to have.
  8. Did you know that powerbot client is easily detectable and you get banned within 1-3 days of using it? I've been using tribot and haven't been banned for months.
  9. Gotcha lol and zulrah i meant the RS forums on the official Rs website. This thread was placed under runescape->general i thought this was just an area to chat about the game in general. I am sorry if i posted in the wrong thread?
  10. IF tanged is around he can use tiemviewer with you and is a really helpful guy try to get in contact with him also try the .102 86x version of JDK regardless and see if it helps.
  11. That's quite odd then that it sometimes does that, those are the hardest problems to find a solution too "sometimes".
  12. Make sure you have the latest JDK 8 .102 download x86 (32 bit) also uninstall you previous java junk before you install this version if not you will have to manually select the .102 jdk in your tribot manager (you can find where to select which version to run on the login screen of the tribot client). Having the right version installed will usually fix most issues with LG
  13. Does anyone else thinks that the runescape community is filled with cynics and critics? It seems that people just lurk on the runescape forums to nitpick and criticize every idea they see? or just in general on the forums it seems like players just love to criticize other people's points of view.
  14. I wish this post was made stupid simple for even people who don't like to go on the forums to see xD (majority surfs the forums but still that minority which i care about).