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  1. zealfaith

    Runecrafting really that bad?

    got it
  2. I've made so many changes to this one script i wanted it to go back to the default settings.
  3. zealfaith

    Runecrafting really that bad?

  4. I've been told from a few experienced botters to stay away from the skill but it's such as an awesome money maker to have.
  5. zealfaith


    Did you know that powerbot client is easily detectable and you get banned within 1-3 days of using it? I've been using tribot and haven't been banned for months.
  6. zealfaith


    I wish this post was made stupid simple for even people who don't like to go on the forums to see xD (majority surfs the forums but still that minority which i care about).
  7. zealfaith


    LG mode is known as looking glass mode. Once you have VIP E and open the tribot client it will show a new option called looking glass mode when opening a new client. This can only be done if you have another legit RS client already running like an rsbuddy client (type in rsbuddy download on google it should be easy to get). also the most common problem getting LG to work is making sure you have the right Java se kit download. The lastest is Java 8 and for me specifically only the 102 version works for me to allow LG to run for some odd reason.
  8. before you ask for refunds(due to being banned) on your VIP subscription, don't even bother with the standard VIP and go straight for VIP E which can be upgraded if you already have VIP standard. The reason being there is a feature called LG mode which is essential to not being banned, the only real thing you have to look for at this point is player reports(so be prepared to babysit and chat a bit)
  9. zealfaith

    rsbuddydown for LG

    Can i just use the downloadable client from the runescape website with LG? will it keep the client from being detectable(if i run LG with the official runescape client) just like it does with rsbuddy? when i don't use LG i get banned in 2-3 days automatically everytime so i am being a little cautious before trying another client to run with LG.
  10. Yeah the reason why i say build it into the client is so that it is universal no matter what script you are using and you don't have to worry if a certain script has a feature or not. Also the auto responder isn't that effective because players catch on, but being able to talk to players in a timely manner would be very effective and let's be honest people don't want to stare at their screen everytime they are botting. Babysitting should not be that high maintenance. I think it would be an excellent feature to add to avoid being reported. IF they could add this feature that'd be such a blessing to the bottling community in my eyes.
  11. If everything mentioned above is too complicated the idea is a start. the main premise is making a sound due to typing of other players.
  12. lol i just noticed audio sound is redundant
  13. Where do i find my mouse data and do i really need to do the 10 minute thing 22 times in order to have access to the human mouse movement feature? meaning clicking 700 times 22 times in a row?
  14. Just as a the title says. I don't know the logistics but just the overall features. When another player types something a sound should be played notifying the botter. After a certain amount of time where no one is typing, it should reset itself. A conversation that is kept up every minute shouldn't keep the client from making a sound.