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  1. so i want to grind an account til all 99 in combat ect. can someone or the guy the made the thread tell me how to do this in steps? please and thank you i just wanna stake and pk i dont have all the time in the world like i use to anymore
  2. really? i can buy coins to boost my own accounts? please explain or send me a link please because i do want to actually play and make my own money it just takes forever!!!
  3. Looking to get 99 att, str, defence, prayer, magic, and range. Main goal is to stake and PK. Thinking of requesting to add a flawless runecrafter, or whatever is the safest way to make money to fund myself. I will pay accordingly. Premium scriptwriters please leave your quotes in the comments below. *will give you p2p accounts to test run your bots for bugs for how ever long you need. I want everything ready, will pay accordingly. Let's work! skype. "tee.srey"