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  1. also FC and wastedbro's asynchronous camera can do this if neededa also, you could add thresholds so that it wont adjust camera if it is already within a certain angle/tilt
  2. fchanib

    ABC2 on Attack Method

    Yep. I thought I had reaction times setup wrong because they were so long, but it depends on how long the timer is. Gets faster as activities/timer get shorter (e.g. killing monsters faster as you level up). Also to improve your combat method: detect when somebody gets to a monster before you (both click to attack it, but they reach it before you or have PID) handle already being in combat from aggressive monsters detect multi combat zones to ignore if an enemy is already in combat in multi zones change isOnScreen() to isClickable(). isonscreen is the whole screen (could be behind inventory, under chatbox, etc.) change combat detection method. isinCombat depends on healthbars (I think) so wont work for safespotting or detect if somebody is splashing your target in single combat, so you will get stuck trying to attack it.
  3. fchanib

    Waiting condition for "Cook All"

    then use messagelistening07 and check for any server message that contains "advanced a"
  4. fchanib

    Bots filling vials with water?

    softening clay?
  5. fchanib

    Keyboard Listener

    Clan chat and MessageListening07 is always an option.
  6. fchanib

    Action Conditions implementation question

    It makes me wonder how for example a fletching script can be ABCL10 when many ABC2 methods arent applicable.
  7. https://github.com/itsdax/Runescape-Web-Walker-Engine click the green "clone or download" button, download it as a ZIP and extract it. Open tribot, click "File"->"View local scripts folder" then copy the "webwalker_logic" folder from the ZIP you downloaded into that folder. Open source just means you can see the source and offer contributions or inspect the code to ensure it isn't malicious.
  8. Just drag+drop the webwalker_logic folder into your scripts folder. It's open source. Check first post.
  9. Slashes the web in Varrock sewer but won't walk past.
  10. @daxmagex A few minor issues/bugs: When coming up the ladder from killing hill giants in f2p, if somebody else opens the door while the webwalker checks if the door is open, it will click the minimap. After it realises it's stuck and the door is closed, the mouse shoots over to the door, clicks it, then moves back to the minimap in a very swift, unnatural motion. Also, it tries to go to the bank in the cook's guild even if you don't have the requirements when using walkToBank(). Otherwise, it's been working great. Thanks!
  11. fchanib

    Using filters

    int distance = 10; for (RSPlayer person : Players.getAll()) { if (Player.getPosition().distanceTo(person.getPosition()) <= distance) { //do something. } }
  12. So I'm working towards getting a script ABCL10 and having some trouble with the Action conditions for a combat script. I have already got the following done: HP to Eat At (Pts: 4) ABCUtil#generateEatAtHP Energy to Activate Run At (Pts: 4) ABCUtil#generateRunActivation But a few questions that will help me finish the rest: for ABCUtil#shouldMoveToAnticipated, If this returns true, should I move to an area where a monster is going to spawn? I can see how this would be used for woodcutting but combat is a headache. Should I do this even if there are already targets from ABCUtil#selectNextTarget to attack? From the guide thread: Since it "depends on individual preferences", would hopping worlds when somebody clicks the same monster as you and you get "already in combat" for X number of times be a good condition to check shouldSwitchResources? This happens more far more rarely than 20-30 seconds. For ABCUtil#shouldHover, If this is true, we should hover the next target and set our ABCProperties#setHovering to true before the next reaction time. In combat, the next target can be moving or die. So when I hover the next target, if the target moves during a reaction time what happens? I have slept for a reaction time that thinks I am hovering but im not. Kind regards. Edit: also, seems like the total for ABCL points ads up to 101, but ABCL10 is 100 so can I just skip a shouldMoveToAnticipated?
  13. Really helped with my scripting, and if you pass all the info for a node to the constructor, you can re-use a node to make many different scripts!
  14. fchanib

    NPC information and ABCUtil#selectNextTarget

    Thank you very much!
  15. So my current method of selecting a target looks something like this: RSNPC targets[] = NPCs.findNearest(monsters); for (RSNPC target : targets) { //AREA is the combat area declared elsewhere if (AREA.contains(target.getPosition()) && !target.isInCombat() && target.getHealthPercent() == 1.0) { return target; } } return null; This works fine, but not ABC2 compliant. But since ABCUtil#selectNextTarget returns a Positionable, I can't use any of the nice methods like isInCombat(), isInteractingWithMe(), getHealthPercent(). Is ABCUtil#selectNextTarget really an essential antiban factor because right now it just cripples my ability to get any useful information from what I'm attacking and do proper checks to see if I am in combat successfully. Or am I stupid and there is some way to use the positionable in a better way? I first thought just search again and take the RSNPC with same position, but there could be 2 in one spot and it would be awfully inefficient. Thanks for the help!