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  1. @Rohm nice, I hope you made something out of it =) Does anyone know the exact amount of items needed for progressive mode to 76 fishing?
  2. Why are you all ripping into him for, show some compassion. It sucks losing anything of value no matter what it is.
  3. how many days did it take for you to be banned, and how often did u bot each day?
  4. LG still broken for me. But non LG works properly and without hitch. I wish LG worked the same..
  5. Description of the bug (be specific): op How often the bug occurs: all the time Triggers of the bug (if known): Java version: Max Heap Size:1024 TRiBot client version:latest Looking Glass (yes/no): yes Operating System: win 7 Script Name: Encodeds Fishing Script TRiBot Old-School or RS3: osrs Client Debug: Bot Debug: Screenshots (if any):
  6. On the advice of @Encoded I am making a bug report based on LG. Trying to fish sharks with LG at the fishing guild just does not seem to be working properly. Sometimes it will run for a little bit of time and them just carks it. From running peir to pier on a seemingly endless loop to standing there afk until log out.. to simply turning itself off.. it's crazy. I have done all the basic trouble shooting to try and fix this, as advised by Encoded. I've shown the logs to Encoded and I assume he believes it has nothing to do with his script but with LG itself since non LG clients work perfectly fine. Can I please get a developer to look into this issue and get back to me here, or through PM if more information is needed. Thank you.
  7. still struggling with it, mate
  8. On looking glass the bot goes from one pier to the other constantly or goes to the bank and then says, [16:20:29] Auto Fisher Pro Script: [CRTICAL] Could not find required fishing equipment in bank. Ending script. sigh...
  9. [11:20:37] Auto Fisher Pro Script: [CRTICAL] Could not find required fishing equipment in bank. Ending script. yet its right there.. trying to harpoon sharks at fishing guild edit: ive sent you debugg logs to try and get more personalized support. Im really not sure what Im doing wrong.
  10. Im looking to start botting but want more info on LG, I looked on another forum post but the contents of the post was hidden from me, Can anyone please enlighten me to what it is and how to use it?