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  1. the bot still dosnt pick up arrows in groups would be nice to have the option added but other than that i noticed i havent had a ban on accounts im training combat with this script so great work
  2. this i dont know it dose pick up a lot i tend to avoid using the loot option cause the wait to loot option wont work if other people are just power killing monters youll just pick up look pretty much all day
  3. you need to have your arrows set up as your primary ammo and then after it loots like 50 or so it auto re equips them when you see combat as magic make it ranged/mele and follow the other steps i ran into the same issue
  4. this bot has a weird issues with wanting to click through walls it dose so well but it can get stuck when trying to loot or looking for a new target i have lost 3 accounts to this bug the script will click notice it didnt pick up or start fighting moves a inch left then back to the same spot and clicks again dose this over and over again. it happens randomly i can bot for 8 hours with out it going off sometimes after 5 mins it can get stuck sometimes it pulls its self out of it but most the time i find my self pausing the script and trying to figure out how long its been in this situation. i noticed it happens when clicking through walls and objects for examps at chickens it will try to click through the house and a crats to attack a chicken and it wont register and results in it spazzing if you could add a way for it to change camera angles when this happens it would be fixed. aside from this bug the script is well made and i enjoy using it i currently just have to baby sit when i bot my main but thats fine
  5. i had a major error i didnt have time to screen shot cause i was so click quick to close my window after i realized it. i was using the script to fight hill girants and on a return trip from tha bank the camera was at a weird angle and the red X that clicks for some reason couldnt click the door but it wouldnt move the camera to get a clear angle. the red x moved a inch left then right, right before clicking again did this about 10 times pretty fast that I my self saw idk how long it could of been like that. i know it was coming back from the back cause it oly had 5 food the ammount i pull out for the trip. it only happend this one time iv used the bot 8 hours plus with no issues on the same exact spot.
  6. zshorty123

    are combat scipts more ban prone?

    well i didnt go in to detail because i was asking a general question not on the script i was using. it was weather combat scripts are more ban likely than skiller scripts. im using free scripts so it dosnt really matter yet.
  7. been botting on 3 accounts. my skiller i been botting like a crazy person but no ban or anything. my 2 accounts i didnt come combat training also used another script that also could be it but i notice i can bot 12 hours plus on skillers no issues. had all 3 bots running when the 2 got banned and the skiller stayed un touched.