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  1. This will be a 100% free resource? also what areas will be premapped?
  2. ardy tp/stun/alch combo
  3. I have included a Poll with some ideas to advance the community. We are not a very social or active forum in comparison to competitors and I would like to change that. If you have any ideas please comment them. Thanks , Tanged @YoHoJo @TRiLeZ @Flax @erickho123 @Usa
  4. Do you own a foursquare account? if so I recommend changing all your passwords.
  5. @TRiLeZ I dont agree with all these statements but I am very happy to see us as a community talking to one another even if they are some tough issues Thanks for your responses so far.
  6. @TRiLeZ Thanks for all your input.
  7. Sorry for dragging this information out of you. We just wanted to hear more from you in general thanks for everything :). I know a eta isnt the easiest to give but could you give us a extremely rough one eg. 10 months.
  8. "Lowering Credit cost for script writers. Due to the % Tribot takes for private scripts its not in the scripters interested to write scripts for private use." I don't work 40-100 hours a week and pay thousands every month for server costs, andministrative costs, employment costs (I'm not even including myself here), pay all transaction fees, currency conversion fees, and money transfer fees so that people can rip off my hard work. No ones trying to rip you off I can see you take this personally but, It was only a suggestion to bring in more premium scripters. "Working bot panel" Should I just completely shut it down until the new one comes out within the next month or two? If it lowers costs on your end might aswell "Premium Trials for free users" Something like this is already being planned. I think you should tell us more of your plans for the future. "Regular Client updates to web walking" Or AI walking based off the recorded paths which human players take. That would be great would like to hear more about it "Active Shitpost Threads / Spam Thread" That's called 4chan. Disagree a bit here ; The whole reason for the spam thread is to invoke conversation and fun in the community. It is part of what makes people active on forums which will in return draw others to forums. "Removing scripts that no longer function that clog the SND and adding a search by last updated option" I don't remember who, but Usa or Todd already has a thread for this purpose. Searching by last updated doesn't exactly mean much. I haven't updated many of my premium scripts in years because they work flawlessly. I think the backend staff should be more responsible for this then the community at large. You guys can check to see whats active and not active. I think if you guys took a good hour you guys could remove all the scripts from 2014 that haven't been touched or working. All your premium scripts seem to be reported as broken in the comments users posted by no response. "More accessible scripter rankings." We're not giving out scripter ranks to people who don't know Java. Being perfectly fluent in java doesn't make you the best scripter but, It is a strong foundation but, a Tier system could be a interesting idea to reward those to add scripts the community but are not quite premium quality . "TRilez Updated scripting tutorials" With what I have planned, I'll be completely busy for the next year. There's a lot of things being worked on behind the scenes which nobody except a few people know about. Please tell us more details We appreciate you alot @TRiLeZ we just want to know more in detail. Teasers and more info will bring more people .
  9. https://gyazo.com/08626eaae63bcd904d76e86c39619d10
  10. when premium scripter release a script Tribot takes a cut. I am not sure of the number but lowering it could bring more writers in.
  11. very true but we can change that
  12. I disagree Community Events Dont help me in any direct format just makes users more active and give them something to work for and be rewarded for. Active Shitpost Threads / Spam Thread Dont help me in any direct format just for users to communicate and makes jokes Popularize Community Discord and website chat Dont help me in any direct format just a better chat system Regular Client updates to web walking Directly helps anyone who uses a script involving walking anywhere. Funranks Dont help me in any direct format just for fun and community interaction between staff and users. Removing scripts that no longer function that clog the SND and adding a search by last updated option Does help everyone in a direct format making it easier to search the SND More accessible scripter rankings Invites more scritpers to the community Lowering Credit cost for script writers. Due to the % Tribot takes for private scripts its not in the scripters interested to write scripts for private use Lowering % taken from scripters on private scripts to bring more scripters to the community . Community Advisor/ Community Handler ranks [ Responsible for site events and keep community thriving] Helps everyone directly by creating events and upkeep of forum Premium Trials for free users Doesn't help me in any direct format but provides new comers the ability to test our scripts. Working Bot panel Everyone could use this TRilez Updated scripting tutorials Creates more scripters
  13. PROXIES 2.40$ EACH SALE ACCEPTING BTC AND GOLD TOS: 1. You may not log into the account during a service unless you have permission from the owner of the service, doing so will result in the termination of the service with NO Refund. 2. You MUST NOT change the details of the account until the service has been completed, doing so will result in a void service with NO Refund. 3. If there are any items required for the service, it is between you and the service owner to come to an agreement on who covers them 4. You MUST change your password after the service is completed 5. If you have any substantial wealth on the account, it is your responsibility to protect it (Either Bank Pin/Transfer Trade) 6. Once the service is complete you must leave Feedback for the relevant parties involved 7. You MUST Post on the service thread to acknowledge their individual T.O.S and start the service 8. If the Service is requested to be done legit, any T.O.S related to bans/mutes become obsolete (Unless evidence can be provided of prior botting) 9. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BANS WHATSOEVER.
  14. Thanks for your input keep it up If you have any suggestions I will add to the poll.
  15. If coin base suspects your reselling bitcoin via there wallet they sometimes freeze accounts since its against the TOS .
  16. @TRiLeZ Did they seize your bitcoin balance?
  17. Dear cumdumpset69, Thanks for a detailed bug report we will fix this issue shortly Sincerely Tribot
  18. Not related but I noticed your office is in Calgary but your business is registered somewhere else. Do you have a physical office I can go to or is it just a place holder?
  19. The best "antiban" is clean code and precise logic. everything else is a gimmick