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    • YoHoJo

      TRiBot Downtime   02/26/2017

      Due to the Runescape update on February 23, all bots are down until TRiBot can be patched manually.
      TRiBot's auto-updater usually handles updates automatically, but some updates require this to be done by hand.
      Since the day of the update, Lead Developer TRiLeZ has been working on getting the patch finished as soon as possible.

      Users will be reimbursed for all VIP days lost due to downtime.

      A new thread/announcement will be created once the patch is finished.


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  2. Contacted Alva (PB MOD) and Yankiee (Sythe Mod) Alva confirms she has the refund for the"scammed user" wisegoldmans account should be reinstated shortly. When so this comment will be deleted as I do not believe wisegoldman has intent to scam.
  3. dont worry you will always be in my <3
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  5. Probably a system side glitch
  6. Price breakdown would be nice * Going asleep will read response later
  7. go to respiratory and delete any script instances