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  1. why dont scripters just tell you everything

    dr professor tanged
  2. why dont scripters just tell you everything

    Just because you buy boxing gloves from amazon doesn't mean amazon is responsible for training and preparing you to become a boxer.
  3. why dont scripters just tell you everything

    My main got banned laniax 100m pls I only afk 22 hours at bandits pls refund the script
  4. why dont scripters just tell you everything

    The same reason why when you play poker the dealers dont walk you through and make all your choices for you.
  5. Chance of detection

    everywhere but Antarctica but @Montreal can give you the details
  6. Chance of detection

    They wont ban your main unless its RWT related. My suggestion is to head over to my boy Monty's shop and buy a proxy for any accounts you plan the bot on just to stay clean http://socks5proxies.net/
  7. [New] Zeslicer's account security service

    pls find out my password
  8. its a garb script makes like 200k a hour max and to many pkers
  9. actually tested his berry script gonna see if its any good lo
  10. not your fault just a bit of meme
  11. just checked @Worthy the meme machine pushed his berry script instead of the right zulrah update
  12. The picker does what the picker wants. basically either worthy pushed the wrong script in a update or you need to delete your tribot folder and try again

    He is legit^ payed me 100s in paypal no cb