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  1. mybe i was vip e forgot i mybe was vip anyways fucking mean
  3. i was banned for splash alching after 1 hour i shouldve autoclicked
  4. it right clicks the monk and now i am banned dude i only did this for 1 hour and i never really botted before this is some shit i had 99 str 99 range i just wanted magic fuck man !!!!!
  5. well i used this splash alcher for only 1 hr today and i was permently banned cause it fucking right clicks the zammy thing and what the fuck i was a lvl 72 with non botted stats i had not botted any of my stats and i just wanted to bott some of my stats i had bought tribot before for my account and it was working i usually don't bott but i did bott and it was banned now i don't have a pure lvl 72 with high str range magic was only 85 i wanted to get 94 but noooo i had to trust your program and deal with people on here allways being mean and retarded how about you kill yourself? huh and fuck you? soooo i think i going to need someone to tell me why i couldn't find a thread on the forums about diosplashalcher cause i am lazy af and didn't type it? i don't know it should of been easy but noooo it had to be hard so i thought you know what i just going to bott and i bought vip with human mouse data and i did not have the human mouse data asswell well like why would anyone sell someone half the product and make them click 700 times to finish a product that is some shit i have not really botted and don't know what i should bott besides splashin well now i can't cause it's going to be a bann cause all of them fucking right click the mage and people know ANTI BOTTING IS ON THAT SHIT then why do i right click the monk like a bott i ain't cause that's a foolish thing to do what the fuck!!! i was banned now i have to realise tribot is not easy no no no it is not and i know it is not hard no not hard it is fair and i am banned so be nice you assholes i ain't fucking dumb kill your selfs!
  6. well i just want a full 30 days cause when i first payed for tribot it had bots and the bots where up for 1 "1" "1" Day 1 and i did not bot and i only have 20 daYS LEFT CAN I HAVE MORE DAYS? CAUSE I ONLY HAD like only 1 day aND TRYED ALOT OF DAYS TO BOT but nothing
  7. HELLO ineed a new bot that can do cannon tasks and where i can make a cannon and potion and running and banking and do all this such as if i wanted my own cannonbot at idk lets say [cause i do not want to give my best money making method away] uhmm rock crabs and i know there are already bots for rock crabs i am saying i want to put a bot cannon somewhere in the wilderness and have it bot there i want it to pick up items reload cannon and when it's getting to the place it needs to drink a energy potion (1) and (1) combat potion drop the energy potion/combat potion i can sit the bot and do it myself if that is too much but then it needs to tele away from pkers if it is underattack/tele when looting bag and the inventory is full restock xcannonballs i need 2 input how many cannonballs i will need and then i would need 2 make it so i can have the script be setting the cannon up at a certain tile and where it fights the monster and with the cannon and where it reloads the cannon and when the bot is full it banks and then repeats i will pay 10$ for this bot and i will give my method of making money which is best money making method in runescape dragon implings is shunned by this bot if you give me a bot that can do this task i will be very happy and i am buying 8$ vip
  8. he might be a jagex guys they can be n the s1te 1 have been btt1ng 4 2hrs n0 ban and n0w g0nna b0t 4hrs
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