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  1. Pmed.
  2. Still doing service. Bump :)
  3. Bump.
  4. Bump.
  5. Bump.
  6. Bump. Weekend is here! Beating anyone's power leveling and questing service by 25 percent
  7. Woot!!! Scripts going to college! !! Happy b day! Best wishes
  8. I went over 6 days motherload botting before ban. I believe it was on ABCL10 and a girl :P.
  9. *face palm*
  10. Bump. Currently online, doing stuff for half prize as of the others atm
  11. Completed first quest :), online now
  12. Talking now. Back online
  13. Hey Tribot community! I'm bringing my services to Tribot forums! Lovely to have a new opportunities! I'll be doing quests and powerleveing f(by hand) for 2/4 of the price as the other's that are bringing there services for. At the moment i am trying to earn a good reputation in the community. Please just PM me or leave a post on what you need done and we'll go from there. Thanks, V
  14. My bet is to try the trials on all the thieving bots and see what works man