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  1. the bot is seeming slow since rs update , its just standing there for a long time before going to next obstacle, anyone else?
  2. thank you for your quick reply! much appreciated.
  3. with a picture would be amazing, thanks
  4. I am trying to setup 1 hour break every 2.5 hours but i cant get the setup right keeps saying [09:13:28] YOUR AFK TIMEOUT SETTINGS ARE WRONG! SCRIPT WILL STOP! [09:13:28] YOUR TIMEOUT VARIATION CANNOT BE UNDER THE MINIMUM AFK TIME! , anyone mind giving me a correct setup to make it take break every 2.5 hours for an hour ? ive gotten 93 agility so far with little breaks setup the same way but now i want it to take longer breaks further spread apart and cant get the settings right =\
  5. Can somebody help me, i was using tribot LG fine with osbuddy, then i restart my computer and it cant find the client, i have looked around and cant get it to work, i even try to load normal browser from IE and it doesn't work still. it works if i start the runescape client but then bots don't work , specifically the nmz one.
  6. dont know how to delete the post*