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  1. Service Requested: FIRE CAPE Have you contacted Crimson: YEA TALKING ON SKYPE How many accounts: 1 What kind(s) of XP we can gain: RANGE HP STR Prayer level: 53 Defense level: 45 Order deadline (if any): AS FAST AS YOU CAN Do you agree to our Terms of Service: YES Do you understand that you may NOT edit this post, you must re-post this form for any changes: YES
  2. When I use the RS auto chap option it keeps enterining it into the box instead of doing it once then leaving it.
  3. Botting fishing 16 hours a day - escpecially at the fishing guild has a high chance of getting a ban..
  4. Can you please make an option so when i runs out ppots it logs out and stops i found id been going to black demons with only 4 food for like 6 hours (or start taking out a full inv of food).. Apart from that its great
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