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  1. Just a heads up for new users, use the afk option!! I've been botting on like 4 accs for a week or so, the first and only night I left 2 of them without afk option on, both got banned. Seems like efficiency for long periods of time triggers their bot detection.. Idk
  2. jpveiga10


    Is it possible to script a venenatis script that uses the safespot (with carws bow)? to e able to safespot it you need to click exactly one tick after the boss spawns and stay at the correct tile. this is very easy to do by hand but I dont know if the bot can deal with ticks. Someone share some light here pls cause that would be a potentially awesome script.
  3. Yea Ik but if many users ask for it he might change his mind and add it =P Pretty basic buy list too..
  4. God could you please add a restocker? Been thinking How good would It be and came to the conclusion that It wouldnt have any effect on the prices as almost every item dropped is alchable.
  5. hahaha man I use a surface pro which has a 3X2 screen and a very high resolution, thats why some apps stay like that.
  6. 9hr proggy without any huge drops, got a 2m ancient thingy. 95 Ranged, blowpipe.
  7. Been suggesting this since day one of the script, he said he might look into it. What I think could be done to improve craws usage is equipping magic shortbow to get to destination and when you get there, pre right click on the ring of wealth everytime it is in combat, to leave the teleport options opened, like I do when I go there manually.
  8. Why do You think this Script has such a low ban rate? Been botting it a lot and got no ban until now
  9. ik bro haha but sometimes I want to do different times and googling each sucks, not really complaining, just pointing it out that doesnt make much sense
  10. why is the stop setting in seconds? I mean come on hahaha fking hard to know how many seconds are in 3 hours
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