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  1. Hey guys, I'm kind of new to botting. I've been no-lifing RS for a week and decided to bot NMZ using the exNMZ script. I'd never botted on my account before and only play one w/ home IP. I read all the guides and didn't bot 9-5 gmt, botted randomly starting between 1:15-3pm est, taking a break around 6-7, and then botting until 1-2am. I always baby-sat the bot too. I bought vip/exNMZ on Friday and my account just got 2 day banned. I guess i lapsed on judgement because i wanted to play ds3. Oh well. My question was, what can i do with my premium/exNMZ that i've paid for? It's only been used 2 days, i'd rather not have it go to waste. Also, my account has 0 offenses, it says I won't be permabanned unless i bot again, is this true or should i just suffer the losses and transfer all my stuff over and start fresh?
  2. Just started using the script for the 2 hour trial, I'm not sure on the ratio for inventory supplies for overloads/absorbs. The other thing that happened the first time i ran it was i overloaded + the script started stacking rock cakes soon as i entered instance, the damage ended up killing me, the second time i manually started the instance and got overload/1hp before running the script, works flawlessly so far. My only concern is that when the overload wears off, it's almost inhuman how fast the script switches tabs and clicks the overload. The 2 hour trial also doesn't seem like enough to figure out whether the script autobanking will work and whether I'd end the instance after my overloads wear off, or continue to sit in here until my absorbs wear off. with 80/80/75 Dharoking + Piety, i brought 6 overloads, 6 Absorbs, Rock cake, ancient mace and rest super restores (4). Will update with proggy.
  3. Same problem here. Never botted on my OS Main but now that i need to grind higher levels I caved. Tried to buy 17$ worth of credits for VIP + aAgility and got the "Suspect this may be fraudulent" error.
  4. bought them. please close this topic.
  5. Reply here and inbox me if you got any for sale, and what your price is.
  6. What herb is the 2102 stack?
  7. What herbs are those unids? I would like to buy all irits (however many you may have)