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  1. https://rsbuddy.com/ Scroll down to the downloads and download the Cross-platform (Suitable for Windows 32-bit) version.
  2. Hello, two days ago I tried purchasing 20 credits via PayPal. After payment the tribot site dropped me an error (something with auth). So I tried purchasing 20 credits again, which resulted the same error. I checked my PayPal account and the 40$ were charged from my account balance. Still the credits don´t show up. I opened a ticket already, but didn´t get any answer. Would someone please look in to that? I attached the transaction IDs to the open ticket. Kind regards, leixner
  3. Dude, what the hell is your problem ... Ye, ratings would be fine, imho. Why should every script be suicided? That is complete bullshit and will only increase the detection rate of said script. One user suiciding might be running fine, every user after that will have a higher banrate ... Again, not very clever. New users will just take the recommendations and run the script with them without changing things up. Which results in higher banrates, which nullifies the recommendation ... Most scripters already have tutorials for their scripts. There´s no need for video tutorials. If you can´t even set up a script properly (GUIs are pretty intiuitive nowadays), maybe you shouldn´t run it.
  4. What made you think this was a good idea? And you wonder why you got banned ...
  5. Of course they are. This script unlocks the best gp/hr bottable content in osrs. When the user count exceeds a certain number (probably a couple hundred), this script is gonna be unusable (I think), which of course is unfortunate, because @FALSkills put so much work into this.
  6. Not the scripts fault. Been using it for a couple weeks on one account. Hundreds of kills and I´m exclusively running this script for 5+ hours everyday. What are you doing? How long are your sessions? Multiple accounts? Proxies? Script settings?
  7. Take a look here: https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api2007/GameTab.TABS.html
  8. Don´t bot after a temp ban, period. In my experience Jagex takes closer looks on accounts with temp bans. You can try it, but no matter the script, you´ll likely get perm banned in a matter of days.
  9. Maybe because I had already completed Biohazard? But it did buy them from the GE. Even after teleing out it didn´t withdraw them. Ahh, alright. Thank you
  10. I love you, mate! Finished with Combat 55. Some things I noticed: (Biohazard and Plague City already done) - While killing Sir Carl the script only used the burning arrows it had equipped. Although it bought 300 rune arrows, it didn´t withdraw them. After running out of food it teleported out and restocked. Again it didn´t withdraw the rune arrows. Only after I paused the script and withdrew them myself it finished that part. - After finishing Underground Pass it walked to Ardy bank, logged out and instantly logged back in. Why? Other than that, it´s pretty flawless. Can´t imagine the time you´ve put into this. Much appreciated
  11. Perfect, flawless script. |w| TurkeySplat, my favorite new game
  12. @YoHoJo hast a pretty solid guide on setting up Proxies: For the difference between proxies and vpn´s, see this post from Fluffee:
  13. leixner

    Temporary Ban

    You said it, if you really care about the account. Don´t bot on it. I took a quick look in the repository and there are four (?) orbing scripts, all together with over 3000 users. Now, the Tribot API handles clicking/interacting with objects and I´m pretty sure some parts of the scripts look almost the same. Then there are also other bot clients, who have much more users running orbing scripts. Tbh it´s not the fact that you botted, but the fact you botted such a highly botted activity that got you banned. There´s activities in this game that are highly monitored as I´ve already told you. And as you mentioned you only wanted to bot tedious activities. Why the hell did you bot air orbs? They´re only 250k/hr. I´m sorry, but imho you asked for the ban ...
  14. Yes, you´re right. Didn´t know that: public ABCUtil() //Constructs a new ABC utility. Only one instance should be created per script. //Upon logging into a different account to bot on, a new instance should be constructed. //TRiBot's AI Antiban should be turned off when using this util. //For that reason, constructing an instance of this kills the AI Antiban //which is currently running. AI Antiban is currently not compatible with ABC version 2.
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