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  1. Probably every other osrs bot. But you won´t find better antiban than tribot.
  2. Ye I know, used it for a while and it´s pretty bad. Just thought I´d mention it.
  3. 1. Unbannable scripts don´t exist and never will 2. You posted in the RS3 forum, RS3 is currently not supported by TRiBot 3. There´s already a premium GDK:
  4. What made you think this was a good idea? And you wonder why you got banned ...
  5. Of course they are. This script unlocks the best gp/hr bottable content in osrs. When the user count exceeds a certain number (probably a couple hundred), this script is gonna be unusable (I think), which of course is unfortunate, because @FALSkills put so much work into this.
  6. Not the scripts fault. Been using it for a couple weeks on one account. Hundreds of kills and I´m exclusively running this script for 5+ hours everyday. What are you doing? How long are your sessions? Multiple accounts? Proxies? Script settings?
  7. Take a look here: https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api2007/GameTab.TABS.html
  8. Don´t bot after a temp ban, period. In my experience Jagex takes closer looks on accounts with temp bans. You can try it, but no matter the script, you´ll likely get perm banned in a matter of days.
  9. Maybe because I had already completed Biohazard? But it did buy them from the GE. Even after teleing out it didn´t withdraw them. Ahh, alright. Thank you
  10. I love you, mate! Finished with Combat 55. Some things I noticed: (Biohazard and Plague City already done) - While killing Sir Carl the script only used the burning arrows it had equipped. Although it bought 300 rune arrows, it didn´t withdraw them. After running out of food it teleported out and restocked. Again it didn´t withdraw the rune arrows. Only after I paused the script and withdrew them myself it finished that part. - After finishing Underground Pass it walked to Ardy bank, logged out and instantly logged back in. Why? Other than that, it´s pretty flawless. Can´t imagine the time you´ve put into this. Much appreciated
  11. Perfect, flawless script. |w| TurkeySplat, my favorite new game
  12. @YoHoJo hast a pretty solid guide on setting up Proxies: For the difference between proxies and vpn´s, see this post from Fluffee:
  13. leixner

    Temporary Ban

    You said it, if you really care about the account. Don´t bot on it. I took a quick look in the repository and there are four (?) orbing scripts, all together with over 3000 users. Now, the Tribot API handles clicking/interacting with objects and I´m pretty sure some parts of the scripts look almost the same. Then there are also other bot clients, who have much more users running orbing scripts. Tbh it´s not the fact that you botted, but the fact you botted such a highly botted activity that got you banned. There´s activities in this game that are highly monitored as I´ve already told you. And as you mentioned you only wanted to bot tedious activities. Why the hell did you bot air orbs? They´re only 250k/hr. I´m sorry, but imho you asked for the ban ...
  14. Yes, you´re right. Didn´t know that: public ABCUtil() //Constructs a new ABC utility. Only one instance should be created per script. //Upon logging into a different account to bot on, a new instance should be constructed. //TRiBot's AI Antiban should be turned off when using this util. //For that reason, constructing an instance of this kills the AI Antiban //which is currently running. AI Antiban is currently not compatible with ABC version 2.
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