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  1. How does this bot work currently? Overall functionality? can anybody comment on issues or areas where this shines? Any input would be great!
  2. I seem to be having difficulties hiding the paint.. I make sure to click ingame and then press control, but it doesn't work. It worked for me once last night, but i've been trying since then to hide it to no avail. Im not too sure what im doing wrong, so if anybody has any input or suggestions I'd appreciate it. Cheers.
  3. Bought 10m. My go-to gold seller, was fast and professional. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks Again!
  4. Just got banned from this. Not sure if the issue had been fixed or not, so just be careful!
  5. Very fast service. Bought 07 gold and also swapped rs3 to 07. Was very patient, has competitive rates and the trade was finalized within 15 minutes of starting a chat. Would definitely recommend him, and he would be my first choice if I was buying again! 10/10
  6. Is there any way to change the settings while the script is still running? For example changing something that you were flipping from buying and selling to just buying? Like adding items while the script is currently running or does it HAVE to be restarted? Any input would be appreciated
  7. There also seems to be a minor issue when thieving from master farmers. When the bot goes to drop all the unwanted seeds, sometimes it clicks use on one of them, and then becomes stuck until it has to click on the minimap to walk to the farmer once he's far enough away. I have only noticed this is Ardougne, but can be an issue if the farmer is trapped in the house and does not move. If you could add this into your "to-do" list for this script, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Hey just bought your script for the sole purpose of thieving Master Farmers for a little extra cash. I've set it up at both Draynor and Ardougne, and at some point my character stops doing anything and all I see is an error message that says "no NPC's nearby so walking to the centre tile" Also I was using the pre-set setup for master farmers, and the only thing I changed was the hp I would eat at, the amount of food I would withdraw, and added a few things to the list of loot. im not sure if anybody else is having this issue, or if it was just something wrong with how I set it up. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Cheers.
  9. Paying for proggies is a smart move lots of enticement I'm extremely interested although 25$ is steep until more features are added
  10. The GUI says 3.036 [10:10:03] Salvation's Script Loader: Attempting to download Master Thiever Pro by Bradsta [10:10:03] Salvation's Script Loader: Message from server: You successfully logged in. [10:10:05] Salvation's Script Loader: Login Bot started! [10:10:28] Salvation's Script Loader: Login Bot succeeded. [10:10:36] : Location: Knight of Ardougne || Amount per Trip: 27 [10:10:36] : Food Id: 379 || Eating if below: 6 [10:10:38] Script Ended: Salvation's Script Loader. this is from earlier
  11. I have tried both paladins and knights. The result is uniform; break after loading bank window.
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