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  1. bigdog2506

    private corp beast script

    Thats a bit of a big request. Good luck finding a scripter.
  2. bigdog2506

    Just downloaded but TriBot closes itself?

    Maybe run tribot as an admin?
  3. Im getting a bug where after it goes to bank, it will withdraw food, then deposit it all. Then it will walk to rock crabs and end up dying,
  4. bigdog2506


    A script that just grabs wine of zamorak with telegrab, banks when full and walks back to grab some more. Will pay if needed. If you need an acc add my skype.
  5. Can someone help me out? I can't seem to get anyone to stake me. My stats are 79/93/40, 84 hp. I do whip/box. These are the settings I use:
  6. Can you add falador teletab support? I don't see the point in getting 37 magic...
  7. Nature running(safe method) doesn't run correctly for me... it keeps on trying to go to the ocean and ends up getting killed by the swarms.
  8. bigdog2506

    TRiBot Beta 7.51_0

    Thanks so much!