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  1. Yeah, I'm not worried about wasting a bit of money and time, although obviously I'm not going to throw tons of money in on a method that isn't working. It's a fun hobby right now, like my own little game of me v. Jagex.
  2. So, is it the general consensus that Jagex catches bots too quickly to make it profitable to invest in anything medium to long-term? If so, what is the timetable for bans while suicide botting? A few hours? Days?
  3. I'm new to this, and working on setting up a gold farm. I have heard making your account a member makes it much less likely to be banned. Maybe because Jagex is more relaxed about looking for bots among those paying them fees, or maybe because it makes your bot look more human. Assuming it is even true, of course. When should a bot be made a member? A bot needs to be able to remain unbanned for long enough to make a return on the costs associated with it, after all. Right now I have a checklist for each account I create that is linked to a preference list for that profile. This includes completing quests, collecting certain items, exploring places, raising stats to certain points, attempting member actions, etc,. The idea is to be able to run the bot for several days with breaks and such until it reaches the requirements and then I will get membership for it and expand the potential task list, but tighten the focus for more gold making. Before I work too much on this system, I need your opinions: Is this overkill? Thanks in advance for any help!