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  1. to bypass the current issue with prayer, just manually select the prayer you want upon entrance and the bot will continue on
  2. yeah, just happened to me as well. I may end up switching botting clients. Been here since 2013, never had an issue until this week and there doesnt seem to be help on the issue.
  3. been running into a recurring issue where the ranging xp per hour does not show up.
  4. just nerfed the minigame :/
  5. When i first start my bot it will always start by checking the bow pipe, withdrawing my darts and scales and using the pipe on the items.. is it supposed to do that every time? seems fairly repetitive, and maybe bot like..
  6. wintertodt is comming. But seriously, is there an ETA!?
  7. I run tribot on my mac. When I load prior settings that have a cannon preset, it will add a check mark to the rock crab setting. When I try to unselect the cannon rock crab setting, the bot either doesn't allow me to start the script or starts the script and doesn't use the cannon.. (this is at bandits specifically...using blow pipe, and cannon.)
  8. any way to add fixed camera view? and point and for safe spots rather than clicking on the mini map.. click the tile you want to stand on directly. I know it alternates right now but just wandering