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  1. I've used bitcoin for my recent credit purchase. However, I really would rather not use that method of payment in the future. It's a currency that I'm not comfortable using. Simply suggesting a work around is great for now. I just don't feel like its a resolution of my issue.
  2. I've been here since 2013 and this week have been marked as fraudulent for some reason. I have never charged back anything. I do not want to have to purchase credits via rsgp or bitcoin. Often with rsgp buying credits there is a upcharge. I do not understand what happened. Can I be unflagged? should i just make a new tribot account?
  3. yeah, just happened to me as well. I may end up switching botting clients. Been here since 2013, never had an issue until this week and there doesnt seem to be help on the issue.
  4. been running into a recurring issue where the ranging xp per hour does not show up.
  5. just nerfed the minigame :/
  6. When i first start my bot it will always start by checking the bow pipe, withdrawing my darts and scales and using the pipe on the items.. is it supposed to do that every time? seems fairly repetitive, and maybe bot like..
  7. wintertodt is comming. But seriously, is there an ETA!?
  8. I run tribot on my mac. When I load prior settings that have a cannon preset, it will add a check mark to the rock crab setting. When I try to unselect the cannon rock crab setting, the bot either doesn't allow me to start the script or starts the script and doesn't use the cannon.. (this is at bandits specifically...using blow pipe, and cannon.)
  9. any way to add fixed camera view? and point and for safe spots rather than clicking on the mini map.. click the tile you want to stand on directly. I know it alternates right now but just wandering
  10. added you on Skype, looking for a couple mill. Get back to me.
  11. Do you agree with our ToS?: yes What type of service are you requesting?: questing. bar crawl and horror from the deep. Have you contacted the Manager?: Added on Skype, and plan on sending him a PM.
  12. Well, someone managed to make it onto my account and took about 9m coins from me. Here is the login screen. I can't really prove that I know who did this, but the only person I've told my bank pin to was MikeMoKnows. I had him do a quest for me the day before I was hacked. I would trade with caution with MikeMoKnows, and check the IP of your accounts when you log in to see if they match this one.
  13. Vouch for MikeMoKnows! He finished MM and Lost City for me. Service was quick and he had my account back to me a couple hours after payment was sent. Will use him again in the near future. TRADE WITH CAUTION, My account was hacked shortly after MikeMoKnows accessed my account.
  14. Reason: questing Monkey Madness. I have started monkey madness, but didn't finish and was wondering if you could for me! I have prayer, The quest is partway done. If this goes well, I'll buy more questing. Skype Name: ToogawdLy07 Have you sent me a PM?: Yes Do you agree to the TOS?: yes