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Everything posted by yojoedude

  1. For $279.99 biweekly
  2. Its worth looking into! Very valuable tool!
  3. Looking Glass is a way to run your bot through another client (Osbuddy/Firefox) in order to look less like a bot. Its Available for VIP-E members.
  4. messaged
  5. 2 day bans seems to apply to more seasoned accounts where new accounts always get the perm.
  6. You should only have one tribot account.
  7. Set up realvnc - I have this issue and vnc has no issues connecting even if tightvnc won't.
  8. Do you have a fast internet connection? Iv talked to users who had this issue, then it disappeared once they obtained a dedicated server (the only difference was a very good internet connection) It has to be something different between us, because again, iv never ever had this happen to me.
  9. All my bots run lg and all take breaks. Iv never once experienced this bug. From taking to others it seems to be caused by overloading the CPU or a slow internet connection.
  10. You need to buy VIP, however it's recommended to get VIP-Extended as it adds a ton of valuable features. Once that is done you will have to purchase scripts individually. Some have monthly/weekly fees to use and some have lifetime. Also pay attention the the auths offered (amount of bots that can run the script at once). The auth count varies by script (listed in the repository page) and can be 1-99999. Also - if your planning to bot on your main, don't. Unless you are willing to lose the account at some point.
  11. Well I haven't had an account banned in over a month, so I say it is. However it depends on how valuable your accounts are to you.
  12. Go here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html download and install the 8_111 version that is appropriate for your computer and you should be good to go (make sure you select it on your tribot when You start it. LG runs your bot through a osbuddy or Firefox client, so be sure a client is open before starting a LG tab.
  13. I think a little different, I think they see if your playing osbuddy, see if your playing Firefox, see if your playing their launcher, but not being able to see what your playing on could be a red flag.
  14. What's buy limit?
  15. I like the sounds of this! May I recommend Druidic ritual? It's fairly easy as a lvl 3 and very simple/useful
  16. A vpn (virtual private network) is a IP proxy you can use with your bots, a VPS (Virtual private server) is a virtual computer that you can run your clients on.
  17. If this is still something you need let me know!
  18. Yes, I never load tribot with a proxy set - I run 3 tabs per client, all with different proxies on each. Have your Osbuddy loaded, start your tribot, open a LG tab, then select proxy once its running.
  19. Looking glass supports proxy's. Try running one with a fake proxy (random numbers) and see if your able to view the world select screen or login. You shouldn't be able to unless you set it back to a proper proxy!
  20. You still have to purchase the scripts you want to run (or activate free ones)
  21. There are some websites that offer the service too. Iv only done it once, so I cant recommend anyone to use.
  22. I've heard of people renting staking accounts, transfer the gold to it, then lose the stake to your main. Lol butta
  23. Not sure, they all dismiss them
  24. Looking glass runs the bot through a client like Firefox or Osbuddy. It adds a level of saftey -However - Keep in mind : You shouldnt be botting on an account your not willing to lose. Anti ban features DELAY bans, not eliminate them. So dont expect to bot a main and never get banned.