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  1. yojoedude

    Yojoedude's credit shop! (1.5m ea )

    Hey guys! If your looking for cheap credits, look no further! Credits are for sale for 1.5m 07 gp currently, message me or reply here. I will only go first to people with more trust here then me! CONTACT: -You can leave a post here -message me with tribot messenger - or add me on skype: live:yojoedude
  2. yojoedude

    Yojoedude's credit shop! (1.5m ea )

    Back selling some credits!
  3. yojoedude


    Its worth looking into! Very valuable tool!
  4. yojoedude


    Looking Glass is a way to run your bot through another client (Osbuddy/Firefox) in order to look less like a bot. Its Available for VIP-E members.
  5. yojoedude

    2 day ban

    2 day bans seems to apply to more seasoned accounts where new accounts always get the perm.
  6. yojoedude


    You need to buy VIP, however it's recommended to get VIP-Extended as it adds a ton of valuable features. Once that is done you will have to purchase scripts individually. Some have monthly/weekly fees to use and some have lifetime. Also pay attention the the auths offered (amount of bots that can run the script at once). The auth count varies by script (listed in the repository page) and can be 1-99999. Also - if your planning to bot on your main, don't. Unless you are willing to lose the account at some point.
  7. yojoedude

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    I like the sounds of this! May I recommend Druidic ritual? It's fairly easy as a lvl 3 and very simple/useful
  8. yojoedude

    recommed me vpn

    A vpn (virtual private network) is a IP proxy you can use with your bots, a VPS (Virtual private server) is a virtual computer that you can run your clients on.
  9. yojoedude

    Proxies with looking glass??

    Yes, I never load tribot with a proxy set - I run 3 tabs per client, all with different proxies on each. Have your Osbuddy loaded, start your tribot, open a LG tab, then select proxy once its running.
  10. yojoedude

    Proxies with looking glass??

    Looking glass supports proxy's. Try running one with a fake proxy (random numbers) and see if your able to view the world select screen or login. You shouldn't be able to unless you set it back to a proper proxy!
  11. yojoedude

    VIP script is bugging for me

    You still have to purchase the scripts you want to run (or activate free ones)
  12. yojoedude

    Tradeing between accounts

    There are some websites that offer the service too. Iv only done it once, so I cant recommend anyone to use.
  13. yojoedude

    Tradeing between accounts

    I've heard of people renting staking accounts, transfer the gold to it, then lose the stake to your main. Lol butta
  14. yojoedude

    New botter here - I need tips and advice

    Botting is highly competitive - people won't lay it all out for you. But take your time and look through the forums, everything you need to know is here. Finding your own methods is the best anti-ban Edit: This is a great place to start:
  15. yojoedude

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Gotcha. I wouldn't risk it personally
  16. yojoedude

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Well the accounts you created initially arnt worth unlocking. Just unlock the mule. Your mule should always have its own proxy as well, and 100 accounts all on your home proxy won't last long. Soon as they find one or two they will chain ban that like crazy.
  17. yojoedude

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    How many proxies did you use for the 150 accounts? Because if you made them on less then 20 proxies you are probably the reason they got flagged
  18. yojoedude

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    He can't guarantee the proxys haven't been botted on any better then Montreal
  19. yojoedude

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Linked account helps but I'm sure you can do it without - creation location is very important though
  20. yojoedude

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Have you tried getting them unlocked? It's not hard if you have creation details - get the proxy location from montreal
  21. yojoedude

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Private proxy means your the only one with access currently. All proxies have been used before, but not usually for runeacape - these proxies cannot be produced, they are all pre existing. No proxy supplier can guarantee they haven't been used for runecape before - however @Montreal has been great with me and I'm sure he will replace bad proxies. locked is also very different then banned. Locked accounts can be unlocked given the creation details and the proxy location. Accounts can be locked if ip changes drastically (if created on one IP and switched to another)
  22. yojoedude

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Iv had this happen (only to a few accounts) and I thought it was due to a mistake on creation - making it on one IP then running it on another. I got all of mine unlocked. If you have confirmed emails you can find the location of the proxy - send in a account recovery to jagex and get them unlocked.
  23. yojoedude

    Looking glass cannot find the runescape client

    Not sure about your LG issue, try starting multiple osbuddy/firefox clients and see if you can get any to hook. As for your profile picture - @Worthy might feel impersonated